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Willem Lange & His Inimitable Christmas Carol

December 09, 2022

Lost Nation Theater and Willem Lange are teaming up once again! The Beloved Yankee Storyteller Willem Lange performs his reading of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol: A Ghost Story, at 7pm. Friday December 16.


He's Back! Willem Lange is onstage again!

LNT Producing Artistic Director Kathleen Keenan says:


“We love adding our theatrical magic to Willem’s nuanced storytelling and helping to keep this wonderful tradition going! The period scenic atmosphere, designed by Kim Bent, decorated by Chris Zahm, plus Samuel J. Biondolillo’s lighting design, enhances the mood to make Dickens glorious tale shine!!”


Emmy-Winner Willem Lange has been performing his reading of Dickens’ Christmas Carol every year since 1975.
He loves the story and that love shines through in his reading. “Christmas is my time to howl,” he says.


Jim Lowe, Arts Editor & Theater Critic for Times Argus/Rutland Herald had this to say about Willem’s first LNT show:

“Rather than an impressionist, Lang is a raconteur par excellence. Sometimes he did portray, but he was much more like a grandfather telling his grandchildren a Christmas story. And, child or adult, it was irresistible.” 


Lange first heard the rendition he performs – Charles Dickens’ original prompter script used for his 1867-68 tour of America – in 1953. His college professor, Dr Lean, found the script in a used bookstore in Boston (in 1903) and started performing it. By the time Willem heard him, Lean was already “nearing the end of his string, and I remember thinking, ‘Who’s going to take over when he’s gone?”


After mulling it over for decades, Willem Lange (author, storyteller, carpenter & TV host) finally decided he would:

“In 1975, I sat down with my typewriter and an LP recording of Professor Lean’s performance, and typed out the script. That took some patience! My wife and I invited friends over; I borrowed a set of tails; and we held the first session in our living room.”

47 years later, Lost Nation Theater is thrilled to keep the streak going for #48: hosting for the third consecutive year.


Dickens "A Christmas Carol: a ghost story," published in 1843, turned Ebenezer Scrooge into a household name.
Now nearly 200 years, 40 language translations and countless film, musical & stage adaptations later, Willem offers:


“Dickens had the gift of finding the sensitive spot in each of us –like scratching a puppy in a particular place and making it wave a hind leg. I love the moment when Scrooge, emerging from the horror of seeing his plundered corpse in his own bedroom, wakes to the joy of his new-born self, tries tentatively to laugh, and the amused audience laughs along with him.”


Join Us! Live! In person or online. Friday December 16 at 7pm

It’s inspiring to work with Willem Lange, one of New England’s most loved raconteurs, and help bring his inimitable storytelling instincts to Charles Dickens’ iconic tale.

It’s ‘no-brainer’ casting! – Kim Bent, LNT Founder


Tickets are $20 (general) $15 Stu & Sen; $10 Youth $15 Live-stream or Video. Video available through December 25th.
or  phone: 802-229-0492.  or purchase in person at the City Clerks Office.
Go to Christmas Carol Info Page

By purchasing tickets you agree to adhere to all of LNT’s safety protocols (currently including masks), which can be found on our website.

Willem donates his fee to The Haven (a shelter in the Upper Valley). LNT’s donating a percentage of proceeds locally, to Trinity Church Food Pantry and The Good Samaritan.

Lost Nation Theater’s performance space within Montpelier City Hall Arts Center is wheelchair accessible and offers assisted listening services. Guide dogs are always welcome. Please let us know of any access needs when purchasing tickets.


“I do love this story, and hope only for a few more years to share it with my friends on cold, dark winter evenings still to come.”  Willem Lange


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