Lost Nation Theater Supports Black Lives Matter


Black Lives Matter.
Black Voices Matter.
Black Artists Matter.

At Lost Nation Theater, we believe in the power of theater as a catalyst for personal and community transformation - with plays/stories/performances that are rich in language and offer hopeful possibilities for human interaction and connection.

There is nothing like theater for building compassion and empathy, where we get to  "put on someone else's shoes and walk around in them for a while".

♥ We stand with all Black artists, friends, colleagues, and community members across the US.
♥ We stand with protesters demanding justice.
♥ We are listening to our Black brothers, sisters and folk and communities of color to hear what is needed.
♥ We are resolved to harness this moment and make it a turning point for long-lasting meaningful change for a just and equal world.
♥ LNT's Board and Staff are committed to doing the work necessary to ensure LNT is welcoming and supportive of artists and audience members of color, but, to be actively anti-racist.

Please raise your voice and give your support - in whatever way you can.


More info (organizations to support) and full statement from LNT, Here

And to get your started, here's a list of Black-Owned Businesses

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