Montpelier Flood - What's Next For LNT?

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The Flood of 2023 and LNT!

 updated August 30, 2023

Much continues to remain uncertain regarding the effects of the catastrophic July Flooding that devastated Vermont, and in particular Central Vermont, including Montpelier.

Montpelier City Hall - our home - was severely damaged and has been closed to the public.
We are lucky that the auditorium level floors were not directly impacted, but they aren't accessible to us either!
There are now air-quality issues to be dealt with.

BUT one thing we ARE certain of: our 2023 Season will continue!

Stay tuned for updates!
We are in the midst of planning a new fall education program opportunity for middle and high school students in connection with the MPRS Masque.
Jeanne Beckwith's new play Sam & Jim in Hell WILL happen on the dates originally scheduled ~ and we're very excited about how it's coming together.

We may not be able to host you in our home of the past 35 years, but we will find other venues and partners.

For instance - our August Theater Play for Every Day Introductory Camp was held at Moving Light Dance Studio.

(Thank you Christine!)

We were, miraculously - through incredible hard work and dedication of all involved, able to mount two electric performances of our largest show of 2023 (and one of our largest shows - EVER) The Addams Family at The Barre Opera House. Only a little over a week after the flood! 

And we will find the perfect substitute home for our final mainstage show of the season: Jeanne Beckwith's newest drama: Sam & Jim in Hell
(Jeanne is the playwright who brought us 2022's Both Eyes Open: The Story of Annie Oakley as well as our 2021, and 2010, production: Love Letters Made Easy.)

We'll find a way to keep special projects and education programs coming your way as well.


Of course, the flood is impacting LNT financially as well.

Even tho, we filled the Barre Opera House for two nights, we only netted 57% of what we anticipated our 14-performance run here at City Hall would have.
We also had to refund over $5000 in ticket sales. (Folks who couldn't make the shows at BOH.)

We also incurred costs to be at the Opera House - despite VCFA granting us the rehearsal space we needed for 10 days; and the Opera House only charging us for personnel.
We lost access to our own sound & lighting, so had to rent microphones, etc. 
As we continue to use other venues, we will continue to have unbudgeted rental costs.

And speaking of losses, even tho, LNT has lots stored within Montpelier City Hall Auditorium, over half our costume and prop stock was stored in the Walgreens Building next door and all that was lost in the flood. 

We know how lucky we are! And we are determined to continue.

We were so heartened to be able to present those two performances of The Addams Family at the Opera House.
We were overjoyed with the response. We thought the community would appreciate the chance to laugh - and folks' reaction was overwhelming. It was magical. And it reminded us of the importance of the arts at times like this.

If you are in a position to support LNT, right now, we would appreciate it.
You can do so online - or send a check to Lost Nation Theater, 39 Main St-City Hall, Montpelier VT 05602
(The building isn't open, but the City has created a mail distribution system, so you can still use that address!)


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