Lost Nation Theater Land Acknowledgement

Land Acknowledgment



Koas Chief Shirly Hook with Doug Bent at Tribal Garden in Braintree Vermont - posing by tribal garden signWith gratitude and humility, Lost Nation Theater acknowledges that we do our work on N’Dakinna, the ancestral homeland of the Wabanaki, People of the Dawn. We thank them for their stewardship of the land and for being Keepers of the Light. 


LNT is located at the confluence of the Winooski, North Branch, and Dog Rivers, within the tribal lands of the Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas (“Place of the Pines”). We pay honor and respect to them and to their ancestors as we commit to building a more inclusive and equitable space for all.


Please get to know the Indigenous people of your area, and do what you can to lift and raise their voices.


In that spirit, we offer these action items:


Pay attention to language and names. Advocate for changes to the dominant narrative that glorifies colonization and genocide of all indigenous peoples.

Read about Indigenous Cultures.  A list of essential reading for anyone interested in Native American experience, compiled by the First Nations Development Institute, can be found here.

Teach children about Indigenous Cultures. A list of Children’s Books from the First Nations Development Institute can be found here.  

Donate to the Koasek Traditional Band of the Koas. Contributions in support of their work to preserve Native American heritage plants; to promote Native American stories and storytellers; and to raise funds for the eventual purchase of land on which to carry out these and other Abenaki projects and programs, can be sent to: 

The Koasek of the Koas 

c/o Chief Shirly Hook

188 Allen Bent Road

Roxbury, Vermont 05669 



Local Abenaki Contacts & Resources 

Rick and Carolyn Hunt, Abenaki Storytellers and Artists

Rick & Carolyn Hunt richun603@gmail.com

Bryan Blanchette, Abenaki Musician and Storyteller

Bryan Blanchette blanchetteb1@yahoo.com


White Pine Association


View of Lost Nation from the Braintree Tribal Garden of the Koas Abenaki

View of Lost Nation from the Braintree Tribal Garden of the Koas Abenaki





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