Lost Nation Theater maintains City Hall Auditorium Arts Center and handles rentals for the City of Montpelier. 

Montpelier City Hall and therefor the Auditorium Arts Center is currently temporarily closed indefinitely due to severe damage to the building during the catastrophic July 2023 flood.
We have no information from the City yet about when the Hall might reopen.
As soon as we have that information, we will share it with you. 
But currently, we have no information, not even best guesses from city officials as to when they might know when they might be able to have a guestimate for when the Hall could possibly reopen.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience and good wishes.

Please note that the Chamber Theater is currently installed  in the arts center and will be in place throughout 2023.
Any uses/rentals (which must be suitable for the space in its current small theater configuration) must follow LNT Covid-Safety Protocols - which are our industry standard protocols.

To find out more about policies, basic costs et cetera,  - click this link:
Additional Costs may be incurred due to increased cleaning and staffing necessitated by covid-safety protocols.

Check the schedule to see if it might be possible for your event to be held at City Hall Arts Center, check the calendar:
Try as we might to keep up, the events on this calendar are not the exhaustive list.
But it will at least let you know if it's possible that the space is still available, or definitely booked.

Thank you!
~LNT Staff

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