We're Back! LNT's Coming Home After the Flood!

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LNT is Back & Open at Montpelier City Hall!

 September 8, 2023

The flooding has indeed been catastrophic.
The devastation mind-boggling.
So very many of us are still struggling in heart-breaking ways.

But My Oh My Miracles and Magic Are Happening as well!

Lost Nation Theater is blessed to be amongst the magic ~ and hopes to help spread it!

Montpelier City Hall - our home - was severely damaged and has been closed to the public.
The City continues to find its way forward in making progress toward reopening its building.

And... in the spirit of moving forward ...

Lost Nation Theater has just been granted official permission to welcome audiences back to the Auditorium Arts Center - starting October 5 for the opening of our 2023 "season finale" -  Jeanne Beckwith's new play Sam & Jim in Hell!

We are so grateful and excited!

The outpouring of support from the community has been exceptional and deeply moving!
YOU are why we can make this happen.

You've been there volunteering your muscle & your time to move, to clean, to reorganize.
You've been there with lovely cards, notes, phone calls & messages, hugs and kind words.
And you've been there with donations. Helping us make up the losses.
You have pulled us through!


Sadly, the elevator's damage is too severe and it cannot be repaired or salvaged in any way.

Because the urgent need for repair workers as the emergency continues remains unabated, it will not be replaced in time for the show.
This means the Arts Center will not be wheelchair or walker accessible this fall.
So all our audience members, volunteers, staff and guest artists need to be able to climb all the steps to the Auditorium level.

Because it's an emergency situation, LNT is able to open by making the show accessible via live-streaming the performance to those who can't physically join us.
So, tho' it's not the same, we can guarantee a high-quality live-stream capture!

Please call us for more information at 802-229-0492; or email us: info@lostnationtheater.org
But meantime, here's info on stairs & our access services still available 

We are thankful for everyone's patience and understanding.

And tho' we can't quite welcome all our patrons or community members just yet...

  • the ability to present the fully-realized production for its full run,

  • the chance to once again be a catalyst for a vibrant downtown,

  • to be able to shine a spotlight on our local businesses by doing the show in our home-space, 

  • the opportunity to help the community move forward and show the rest of the state (and potential visitors) that Montpelier is moving forward and starting its rebirth

... seemed like the thing we had to do.

LNT isn't able to offer regular "in person" office hours just yet as the building remains closed for a while longer. We'll keep you posted. 

In addition to mounting Sam & Jim in Hell, we are excited to be able to follow through on special events programming later this fall/early winter.

Stay tuned for that!

AND... LNT is offering a new year-round education program: Musical Theater Show Choir!

Show Choir [for grades 6-8 (Junior Show Choir) and 9-12 (Senior Show Choir)] is a collaboration with the MHS Masque. 
Led by Kianna Bromley & Molly Clark with accompanist Dan Bruce. 

The LNT/MHS Masque Show Choir is open to all students/youth in Central Vermont.

It gets started October 15, 2023
Showcase Concert: May 12, 2024

Sundays Afternoons: 4:30pm - 7pm 

Triple threats are needed! If you love to sing, act, and dance - this is for you!
Come build friendships with students from all over Central Vermont who also love Broadway, Glee, and movie musicals.
Learn and stage a repertoire of favorite musical theater numbers to be performed at our end-of-season showcase.

More details and registration coming very soon! 


If you are in a position to support LNT, right now, we would appreciate it. 

You can do so online - or send a check to Lost Nation Theater, 39 Main St-City Hall, Montpelier VT 05602
(The building still isn't open except by appointment, but the City has created a mail distribution system, so you can still use that address!)


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