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March 23, 2020

The Show Must Go On
That's The Saying
Here's What We've Been Doing to Make Sure We're Ready


The Coronavirus keeps things changing fast.

Just as we were coming to the end of the major largest physical efforts to put Lost Nation Theater's chamber theater in place for our 2020 Season - it became much clearer to all how proactive and severe our response to combat the virus must be.

The City of Montpelier shut its buildings to most of the public and directed LNT to cancel/postpone events - including what was to be our opening show: Gruff the Musical!
(here's the current list of LNT postponements/cancelations)

Today - on this day the calendar reminded us we should have been starting the Gruff build, I thought it'd be great to share with you the things we have accomplished and are doing while closed so we'll be ready when we can reopen!


1) The Theater is In Place!

There are finishing touches (like the dressing room and lobby) that remain, but the chamber theater is back!

And improvements were made as we went - with new methods of installing steps, new floor pieces,  and some modifications to the "walls" upstage.
These improvements focus on increased safety and - if you can believe it, even better sight-lines.

We are very grateful to a hard-working crew: former intern Nick Veldey - and actors (and veteran theater installers) Bob Nuner and Bill Pelton for joining TD Robyn Osiecki and Founding Artistic Director Kim Bent in getting the job done!


2) Lighting Improvements 

It really does take a village folks!
Former camper and now professional lighting designer (with studios in the August Wilson Theatre on Broadway) Sam Biondolillo was back to "load in" a rep plot for the entire season.
Part of that rep plot included new lighting instruments he helped LNT acquire at substantial discount.

Also part of the installation - new computer & lighting console "the nomad system" that turns a computer into a state of the art light board.
New LNT designer/company member (but veteran theater artist/educator) Natasha Troop along with LNT pal Kim Ward were part of helping us to get this system.
Thanks to Paul & Peggy Irons and John Russell for kicking off the fundraising to pay for these new improvements.
And thanks to Sam, Jacob, Wendy, Robyn and Kim for being the crew that installed it all!


3) TD Robyn Osiecki takes LNT Virtual.

A project long talked about, but now compete - LNT's ground-plan is now a virtual 3d model!

This will help designers and directors understand - before the build begins - how scenic designs will look and fit in the space.


These are some of the technical things we've accomplished. We're also working on programming and other virtual ways to stay connected during these "stay closed" times.
And with these elements in place, LNT's staff is now voluntarily all going to 25-50% time in an attempt to keep LNT going, with all on our small staff with some income, and to keep LNT ready for as long as possible until we can open again.

If you do have the means, please consider a donation to LNT - or purchase gift certificates to use as soon as we are able to present shows live and in person once again!