Rajnii Eddins: a night of poetry & community

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Rajnii will speak his poems from Their Names Are Mine, In The Coded Language Of This Mortal Tongue, among others; and engage in a Q&A discussion with community members in the audience.

Originally from Seattle Washington, Spoken Word Poet/ Emcee and Teaching Artist Rajnii Eddins has been engaging diverse community audiences for over 27 years.

He was the youngest member of the Afrikan American Writers Alliance at age 11 and has been actively sharing with youth and community in Vermont since 2010.

His work Their Names Are Mine aims to confront white supremacy while emphasizing the need to affirm our mutual humanity.

  • "We are more than a little lucky to have poets like Rajnii Eddins in this world." - Reuben Jackson

Rajnii will perform on the set of LNT's Pass Over.

WEDNESDAY, APRIL 19 at 7:30pm  at Lost Nation Theater
Available  as digital recording through May 6 2023

$10 (suggested donation)

Masks are strongly encouraged and deeply appreciated.

Thanks to Andrew Vachon for sound support!

A Special Event

Production Team

Rajnii’s diverse talents and passions allow him to offer powerful experiences that foster connection, learning, and mutual growth.

He thrives at creating spaces that are educational, explorative, and celebratory, whether in a classroom, a conference hall, a community center, or Lost Nation Theater!

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“Living in Vermont has influenced my art in many dynamic ways. The homogeneity has increased my awareness of the need to speak up about white supremacy and to hold space more intentionally for a myriad of underheard voices and narratives. I have also been inspired by many different artists to expand my capacity for collaboration across multiple genres of musical expression. The land itself being the original home to the Abenaki people has often spoken to me in profound ways and being in nature I feel there is so much to be gained from the spirit that existed here prior to colonization and is still here.” 

- Rajnii Eddins

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