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Audience & Critics Wowed by PASS OVER at LNT

April 18, 2023

Pass Over, Antoinette Chinonye Nwandu’s searing Broadway play, opened Friday at Montpelier’s Lost Nation Theater with an excellent production that delivered all its tragedy, comedy, hope and even joy."

- Jim Lowe, The Times Argus

(read his full review here)

“Pass Over” is a powerful play, and Lost Nation has created an excellent production; I wouldn’t miss it." 
- Tom McKone, The Bridge

(full review here)

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Pass Over at LNT is directed by Taneisha Duggan, scenic design Kim A Bent, lighting design Samuel J Biondolillo, costume design Cora Fauser, sound design Marc Gwinn, stage management William Pelton, scenic painting Kelly Daigneault; featuring Brandon Burditt as Moses; Diji as Kitch and Orlando Grant as Mister & Ossifer.

What your neighbors are saying:


See it. It's amazing. Thank you LNT, director and cast.

- Suzanne Trahey


In a word, it was brilliant!
In a couple more words it was riveting and extraordinary!
It is not a small cast of three people, it is a huge cast of three people!
The scenic design is spot- on perfect with lighting and sound to match.
We weren't sure what to expect but left feeling like we might be walking out on to the sidewalk of Broadway. It's that good! If you're looking for a wonderful, powerful evening, make it to Pass Over before it is over!

- Steven Post

What a terrific evening of live theater. Thank you Lost Nation

- Andy Lane


Dear Kathleen and Kim and the Whole Bunch!
Thank you, God bless you and Hurray! for perhaps the most awe inspiring, perfect, affecting, effective, superb theatrical production I have ever experienced!! WOW!

The play, itself, is a total knockout. But, wow, the ACTORS, the DIRECTING, the SET, the LIGHTING, the EFFECTS-----ALL OF IT! Thank you! Thank you! It was ONLY PERFECT!

- Cynthia Jackson


Don’t miss this one!

- Bruce William Sargent


Make Sure to See Pass Over at Lost Nation Theater! 

The acting and directing are superb. The play is thought-provoking, touching, descriptive, important. It directly and meaningfully addresses critical topics to consider.
Thank you Lost Nation Theater for bringing this essential art to us.
Really.... make sure you see it. 
-Kathy Johnson


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