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What They're Saying About Pride & Prejudice at LNT

October 08, 2019

Wanna Know More About This Pride & Prejudice at LNT?

Here's What Your Neighbors and Local Critics Have to Say?

 We've all been having a blast mounting Lost Nation Theater's final mainstage production of our 2019 season: Jane Austen's Pride & Prejudice - as adapted for the stage by the irrepressible Kate Hamill.
(thanks to Jim Lowe, The Times Argus for the "family photo" of most of us involved in mounting the show.

In case you are on the fence because you haven't heard of this adaptation before - but you've heard it's different... we've compiled postings from friends, neighbors and local critics for you to read here:.
Enjoy - then Get Your Tickets!
We run Thu-Sun thru October 20.


♦ Loved the show! Great interpretation! - Connie Krosney  (facebook)


Loved loved LOVED the show!! - Richard Pritsky (facebook)


I highly recommend this wonderful show. Lost Nation never disappoints and this is a gem too! - Kathy Perry (facebook)

LIzzie & Charlotte photo by Robert Eddyphoto: Robert Eddy, Frist Light Studios
(Katie Shutls as Lizzy with Abby Paige as Charlotte. Cora Fauser Costumes, Lindsey Baldwin Set, Joyce Liao Lighting) 

♦  Not Your Grandmother's Pride and Prejudice at LNT!  MAKING RECOMMENDATION
Kate Hamill's comic adaptation of the Jane Austen classic is fast-paced, witty, irreverent and deliciously entertaining. 8 actors take on 14 roles and sometimes play multiple rolls in the same scene. The casting is brilliant. Special shout out to Kim Bent's portrayal of Mrs. Bennet and Lost Nation Theater newcomer Anna Rock's interpretation of both Mr. Charles Bingley and Mary Bennet. One of the best productions of P&P I've seen.

The show runs Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays through October 20. Go to or call 802.229.0492 and get your tickets today. - Bette Barnes, Front Porch Forum

"F*CKIN' A!!!!!" - Jesse Moorman
     (with double high five, as exiting theater to director Kathleen Keenan)

photo: Robert Eddy, First Light Studios
(Katie Shutls as Lizzy and Aaron Aubrey as Darcy. Cora Fauser Costumes, Lindsey Baldwin Set, Joyce Liao Lighting) 

♦ REVIEW: Charlie McMeekin, The Herald
Lost Nation Theater's final production of their 31st season epitomizes all that is good about their theater, a sumptuous banquet of creativity, whimsy, physical comedy and committed acting.
It humorously explores the attraction between man and woman which often leads to marriage, a state which Austen declares is "fundamentally flawed".
It also looks into the issues of, well, pride and prejudice, the ways in which we hold selfishly onto our first impressions, and the consequences which follow.
It also plays with the roles men and women play in the society of the early 1800s, much of which may still be alive today! And what better way to confuse the issue than by casting some men as women, and some women as men. And if that isn't role-bending enough, several of the cast members play multiple roles.
Again, the result is breathless wonder and moments of absolute hysterics.


♦ Pride and Prejudice at Lost Nation Theater  MAKING RECOMMENDATION

Great play, great cast, hugely funny. - Bernie Lambek, Front Porch Forum


photo: Jim Lowe, The Times Argus
(Katie Shutls as Lizzy, Kim Bent as Mrs. Bennet, Elizah HIll as Lydia, Abby Paige as Charlotte, Anna Rock as Mary, Essence Brown as Jane)
Cora Fauser Costumes, Lindsey Baldwin Set, Joyce Liao Lighting)


Deborah and I went to the performance of LNT's "Pride & Prejudice" last night (Sat 5 Oct) and, along with the rest of the audience, howled with laughter at this extraordinary creation written by Kate Hamill ably directed by Kathleen Keenan. Everyone in the cast and in the audience had a wonderful time.
-Mich Kabay (Facebook)


OMG. I laughed, so hard, through both acts (thank god for intermission), my diaphragm spasmed. (Yikes!) Last show of the season. Don't miss it! - Sandra Erickson (facebook)


♦ Don't Miss Pride and Prejudice
Do yourself a favor. Make sure you enjoy the current production of Pride and Prejudice at the Lost Nation Theater.
It's funny and FUN.
The show turns the Victorian novel on its head and plays with humor, gender roles and just plain silliness. I haven't laughed so much at the theatre in a long time. The cast is obviously having fun in this PLAY. The twists and turns are well timed and constantly engaging.?This is just the first weekend, so if you don't make it tonight or tomorrow, you still have two more weekends in the run. Enjoy.

-Dan Jones (Front Porch Forum)


photo: Robert Eddy, First Light Studios
(The cast in the opening moment. Cora Fauser Costumes, Lindsey Baldwin Set, Joyce Liao Lighting)

♦ REVIEW: Jim Lowe, The Times Argus:
An outrageous comic take on Joan Austen’s romantic novel!
Lost Nation Theater opened a stylish and thoroughly wacked and rambunctious production
And the physical production was excellent. Lindsey Baldwin’s minimal stage design was simple and elegant, creating a delightful playground for the comedy. This was complemented by the imaginative lighting of Joyce Liao, beautiful period costumes by Cora Fauser, and an unusually atmospheric and colorful sound design by Tom Shread. Hand puppets were a charming addition.


photos below: Robert Eddy, Frist Light Studios
(Cora Fauser Costumes, Lindsey Baldwin Set, Joyce Liao Lighting)