Two For Christmas by David Budbill

Show Overview

Looking for a new inspiration for the holidays, something to beat the “stick season doldrums?”
Lost Nation Theater has the answer! Vermont’s award-winning professional theater presents favorite poet/playwright David Budbill’s wondrous and whacky “Two for Christmas” in a 2012 version, emphasizing enjoyment for the whole family.

Many of our 2012 Cast Members will be returning!

  • “Two for Christmas” is two shows in one.
    Travel back in time to 1479 England for Act 1 — and end up in Budbill’s mythical Judevine with Antoine, Doug, Arnie, and Tommy in Act 2!


WEDNESDAY, & THURSDAY DECEMBER 13 & 14 at 7:00pm  at Lost Nation Theater
in person: 7pm Wed Dec 13,
 7pm Thu Dec 14
live stream: 7pm Wed Dec 13
digital recording available: 
Dec14  through DECEMBER 31, 2023

Run Time: Approximately 2 hours plus intermission.

$10- 20 (donation)

Masks are strongly encouraged and deeply appreciated.

All of us at LNT are deeply grateful to David's family and estate - especially Lois Eby & Nadine Budbill - for their support.

Sadly, the elevator (knocked out of commission by the flood) in our home within Montpelier City Hall will not be able to be replaced in time for the show - but we will be live-streaming for those who aren't able to be with us in person since we cannot provide wheelchair/walker access during this emergency situation. Please call us (802-229-0492) or email for more details.

A Special Event

Production Team

David Budbill's Two For Christmas (a staged reading)


Ben Ash, Andrew Butterfield, Katie Gilmartin, Robert Nuner, Abby Paige, Susan Reid & Mark S Roberts.

directed by Kim Bent

production design by Kim Bent, Cora Fauser, and Kathleen Keenan

Scoop Info

  • Act One features “The Second Shepherds Play” —
    Budbill’s faithful translation of a 15th century miracle play.
    Medieval miracle plays were known for mixing humor, music, and reverence.

    Told all in verse, “The Second Shepherds’ Play” is the story of a poor thief in 1479 Wakefield, England who steals a lamb from some shepherds on Christmas Eve, and brings it home to his cantankerous wife.

    Upon realizing he’s been discovered, the thief’s wife jumps into bed with the lamb and pretends the lamb’s her newborn baby. Then, returning to their flock, the shepherds encounter an angel.

  • Act Two is “The Pulp Cutters’ Nativity”
    It's the same basic story, but 500 years later in Judevine.
    The shepherds are now loggers, a chainsaw replaces the lamb, and the angel is a waitress in the local diner.

Buzz Info

Abby Paige on David Budbill:

Winter is a time for all kinds of sacred and miraculous stories, and that’s what David Budbill’s stories are for me. The first time I saw his work, when I was a teenager, was the first time I understood that art could be about places and people I recognized and knew. He brings the mysterious right down to ground level, where you can look it in the eye.

Abby first worked with LNT in 2007 - when she was cast in our first production of Judevine.
(She's been in all of our productions of Judevine since, plus many more shows!)

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