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Saying goodbye to a great friend...

March 03, 2016

Lost Nation Theater and Central Vermont Say Goodbye to Inspirational Public Servant.


Alan Weiss speaking at public meeting 
photo Stefan Hard, Times Argus


Alan Weiss was a good friend, and longtime champion & board member of Lost Nation Theater.
His influence on LNT and artistic directors Kim Bent and Kathleen Keenan is profound.
His sponsorhip of our education programs and student scholarships created opportunities for hundreds of students.

We are all mourning his passing, at the age of 92, but celebrate having had the joy and honor of knowing him.

His belief in LNT was a great gift. His work on the company's behalf is still felt today.

But it's not just LNT to which Alan made a difference. Alan was a dedicated public servant in so many realms.
A teacher, a school superintendent, a state representative, a village trustee, a city councilor in Montpelier, a Central Vermont Chamber-Mountaineers, LNT, and other Board member, and one who was busier "in retirement" than whilst "working".  Alan was a model of civic & community engagement.

He was charming, brusque, passionate, and sage, and a dispensor of great hugs! Keeping up with his rhyming conversation and messages could be a challenge, but it was a fun one.  Alan called it like he saw it, and he saw a lot. His councsel and affection will be deeply missed!

Learn more about Alan in this Times Argus Article

Our hearts are heavy and a little darker, but the heavens are a little brighter.
But let's honor his legacy by volunteering, voting, being active members of our community, taking in a ball-game, and, of course - participating in Theater!

RIP Dear Friend.

Below is a commendation given to Alan Weiss when LNT honored him on the opening night of Our Town, 2014. (It features campers in "into the woods jr" because of his commitment to education and his sponsorship of our youth programs)

Thank you to Alan for all his service - wrtiten in verse - and featuring picture of youth actors he supported at LNT

And here is another little ditty, written in his honor when he retired from LNT's Board of Directors:

Ode to Alan  

In Honor of Alan Weiss
The man who’s always given us sage advice 
I write this little ditty
Which I hope is both respectful and witty.

Alan’s a man whose hugs may knock me off my feet.
But his parliamentary procedure can not be beat

He’s crusaded for the LNT cause without pause
Keeping his eye on the ball and giving his all

Alan’s pushed and prodded and cajoled
And the results of his efforts continue to unfold

For LNT is still here
Growing stronger every year
And even as we enjoy City Hall
– which Alan ensured LNT could call its very own place
We will miss the spice of Weiss – his guidance, his eloquence and his grace. 

So as your retire from LNT never fear,
For we ALL shall always hold you dear.

Thank you Alan for your many invaluable years of service to Lost Nation Theater.
You helped us steer through some stormy seas and brought us safely the shore.

alan weiss headshot

May you get safely to where you're going now...