Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind

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Too Much Light Makes The Baby Go Blind: 30 Plays in 60 Minutes
by Gregg Allen


Inconceivable Theater Company presents a collection of comic, tragic, political, personal, and abstract plays that give you the chance to program your own evening of 30 Neo-Futurist plays that will reflect the lives and experiences of your own ensemble. No performance is the same as each audience interacts with the performance. Go!   

Friday Aug 2 at 7:30pm
Tickets at the Door
A roll of the die determines your cost!

Tickets are between $8-$13. If you buy at the door, you will roll a 6-sided die to determine how much you pay by adding that number to 9. If you buy online, you will pay $13 and at the door will roll a 5-sided die to decide how much cash you will get back.

Thank you to Lost Nation Theater for hosting us! Doors and box office will open at 7PM.

An "On Dark Nights" Series Special Event

Production Team

Directed by Sofie Carfaro

Inconceivable Theatre Company is based in Richmond Vermont

Scoop Info

Each two-minute Neo-Futurist play is performed in random order with an interactive audience. An onstage 60-minute timer keeps everyone honest. The plays range from raunchy comedies, heartfelt moments of human connection, and reflections on the absolute absurdity of life. No performance is the same, so join us for this strange and hilarious experience!

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