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Letters to the Editor and more praises from Community Members for LNT's TOMFOOLERY

July 23, 2016

cast of Tomfoolery at the piano fooling around photo by Robert Eddy

We're having a Blast performing the work of Tom Lehrer in Tomfoolery.
And are audiences! Here are what folks have to say! 

(pictures all courtesy of Robert Eddy, First Light Studios)

   ‘Tomfoolery’ treat 

   Don’t miss this one! 

   With only a short time left, I sure hope many others can have the enjoyment that I did at Lost Nation Theater.
“Tomfoolery” is the most totally enjoyable play I’ve ever seen, and the entire audience seemed to agree.
Acting and singing the works of Tom Lehrer, the cast has us all involved, and one doesn’t even have to know who Tim Lehrer was. (One of his best-known songs is “Poisoning Pigeons in the Park.”) Remaining performances are today at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday at 2 p.m. The lively acting, singing and humor are limitless, and the four-member cast are also the musicians. Give yourselves a treat if you haven’t already done so.

   Judy Larson DiMario Fayston

Nick performs "The Elements" - photo Robert Eddy Bill on Bass, singing So Long Mom, photo Robert Eddy

A Few Reviews Found on Facebook:

"LNT Knocks It Out of the Park AGAIN"
 - Sasha Thayer

"Such fun! Great production as always. LNT never disappoints!" - Linda Henzel

"Great evening of musical satire a la Tom Lehrer - brilliant. Highly Recommend!" - C. Stevens

Carol Spradling carries forth! photo Robert Eddy

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"Lost Nation's production of Tomfoolery was immensely entertaining, with artfully varied solo and ensemble arrangements succeeding one another in an engagingly absorbing pace.  Flock to see it." - Irene Mitchell

Irish Ballad - photo Robert Eddy Tim Tavcar waxes poetic on Smut - photo Robert Eddy

Tomfoolery at Lost Nation -  A Must See! Tomfoolery at LNT is fantastic. Director Tim Tavcar and the cast have totally channelled Tom Leher. Be sure to go this weekend, because it closes next weekend and you will probably want to see it again.

- Marilyn Mode

fight fiercely Harvard! photo Robert Eddy

vatican rag - the penultimate #! - photo Robert Eddy