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And they can do the twist! More on #GettingReadyforHairspray Dance Workshops!

March 24, 2016

Dancing Dancing Dancing!

More Fun Photos #GetttingReadyforHairspray

collage of teens trying to dance with books on their heads 

Sunday's workshop: dance - but with proper posture! Those "nice Kids" were a little more "uptight" (physically anyway) in 1962 than they are today!

And Check Out Taryn Noelle demonstrating the proper footwork for  The Mashed Potatoe

 It's some flying feet technique shared by Taryn helping teens learn the history, context and nuances of dances in the early 1960's! Dances like "The Hully Gully" "The Nitty Gritty" "The Freddy" and "The Frug" - plus of course "The Twist!"

next time maybe we'll do "The Monkey" with "The Madison"

And there's more fun to come!