The Impossible Voyage

Show Overview

The Impossible Voyage

"Come Dream With Me"

Original dance-theater created by campers ages 9 & up and director/choreographer Taryn Noelle inspired from George Méliès - pioneering film-maker, illusionist, "grandfather of science fiction" and the inspiration for Martin Scorsese's 2011 blockbuster "Hugo".

The work of George Méliès  is filled with an endless supply of magic & imagination.
Join us as we endeavor to create magic out of thin air ... or rather... with athletic adagio, contemporary modern dance, storytelling, and fantastical minimalist design!

"My friends, I address you all tonight as you truly are; wizards, mermaids, travelers, adventurers, magicians... Come and dream with me"

Performances: Friday March 1st @ 5:30pm & Saturday March 2nd @ 11am

anticipated run time: 30 minutes

(This show was formerly entitled Man in the Moon)

For information about participating in the Winter Break Dance-Theater Camp presenting The Impossible Voyage, click Here

Production Team

Written, Directed and Choreographed by Taryn Noelle


Ella Averbeck, Tristan Blumenthal, Avery Cochran, Dez Cook Miles Ellis Novotny, Theo Ellis Novotny, Laurie-Anne Fournier Le?onie Fournier, Amanda Gurley, Alara Kohn, Selah Northrup Gemma Pello, Bria Sloane, and Susannah Smith

Stage Management: Simon Kennedy ?
Lighting Design: Stevie De?
Scenic Elements: Robyn Osiecki
Costumer/Props and Teaching Assistant: Mary Carol Dobbins
Script and Design Advisors: Kim Allen Bent and Kathleen Keenan

Guest Artists/Instructors:  Ryan Addario, Kim Bent, Kathleen Keenan
dialect consultant: Susan Plunkett-Dunning

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