Stories for the Season

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Stories for the Season

A holiday-inspired special event - one night only Wednesday December 19th at Montpelier City Hall Arts Center.

Join favorite LNT artists and fans for cozy dramatic readings of stories from around the world celebrating the return of the light -  from a host of differing traditions. Offerings will include lesser-known Dickens works (written for this season), O’Henry’s Gift of the Magi, Native American stories, and more. Stories suitable for all ages.

It's Free! - It's LNT's Gift to the Community.

Tasty Treats & Warm Beverages will be available for sale - along with LNT 2019 Season Tickets and 2019 Youth Theater Programs & Camps.
Reservations not absolutely necessary, but don't be late! 
Box office will open at 6pm. Seating will begin at 6:30pm.

A Special Event
Curtain 7pm Wed Dec 19

Production Team by Kathleen Keenan and Kim Allen Bent

And the veterans of LNT's "It's a Wonderful Life Radio Play" are part of this special evening!

Reader/Performers include:
Kim Bent, Cher Laston, Michael Manion, Maura O'Brien, Mark Roberts, Kim Ward and Carolyn Wesley.

Hosted by
G. Richard Ames

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A wide variety of stories, poem, and even a song or two create a special evening "by the fire" to celebrate the peace, love, and light of the season.

In addition to enjoying the previously mentioned O'Henry's Gift of the Magi,  hear Through the Mickle Woods, The Power of Light, A little Dr Seuss, Native American legends, Hans Christian Anderson's The Pine Tree, and maybe even a Beatle tune (can you guess which one??)!

(Don't worry, we won't be trying to have a "fire" inside City Hall Auditorium! But we will use our theater magic to help you imagine in the fireplace that's part of the setting for the Stories.)

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proud to be a designated Vermont Arts Council Event

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