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May 02, 2019

Help LNT Out On Facebook! 
We know you love LNT! Here's how you can introduce others!


Facebook now allows people to customize their news feed to prioritize updates from particular friends, groups and pages.
This is great news because now you can prioritize updates from Lost Nation Theater!

To help support our Facebook page, there are few things that you can do.

First, you can set your Facebook feed to show our posts in you news feed first.
There are a couple of ways to access the See First option. The easiest way is to go directly to the Lost Nation Theater Facebook page, click the “Liked” button and then select the See First option.


Another great way to support LNT - and maybe the Best Way -  is to “react” to our posts on Facebook!
Facebook is updating its News Feed algorithm again, this time with an emphasis on your use of “reactions.”

Facebook has been offering a new way to users to interact with Facebook posts for a while— including Love, Haha, Wow, Sad, and Angry — to help people express their feelings toward a post.

The social network now prioritizes reactions over “likes” when ranking your News Feed. According to the company, a reaction is a stronger indicator that you want to see similar posts to one you like. Reacting to a post instead of just liking it indicates to Facebook’s algorithm that you care more about the post—which will help Facebook to boost the post and allow more people to see it.


Help us out by reacting to posts instead of simply liking them—a little change like that can go a long way!