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May 21, 2020

LNT is blessed with bodacious board members
and we want to introduce you!


Many Members of Board of Directors are shy. They like being behind the scenes and making things happen for the organization.
Lost Nation Theater's Board is no exception.

But, since they are terrific people, and now is a time for us all to take a moment to connect, they are being brave and introducing themselves.

Some intros will be by video, some pictures, some audio recordings! 


First up: our newest board member: Jessica Goodlin 

Jessica Goodlin is pretty darn new to Montpelier, but not new to theater. Her father ran a professional company in NH while she was young, and one of her degrees is in theater/music.
We are delighted to have Jess - with her background in theater and in education.
Who wouldn't love her as a pre-school teacher? What a comforting voice!