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Local 22's Alaina Pinto Explores Hairspray

April 26, 2016

lnt hairspray can prop and local abc mic

Lost Nation Theater's Artistic Directors and members of the Hairspray Production Team and Cast Rose at a Very Unusual Hour on Monday April 25.


To be on TV with Alaina Pinto of ABC and Fox - Local 22 and Local 44.

Every half hour between 5-8:30am Alaina explored another area of LNT's Hairspray.

Joining her LNT Producing Artistic Director - and Hairsrpay Director Kathleen Keenan, Hairpsray's Musical Director Nick Bombicino, and actors Altan Cross, Marisssa Maggagno, Lauren DePuy Shawn A Sturdevant, Bill Pelton, Leon Evan, Melissa Victor and Mea Wilderson.

Yes - beleive it or not, we were providing snippets of song & dance at 5:30 in the morning. Cast members sang and danced - and also taught Alaina a few moves - like "the Madison" and "Peyton Place after Midnight".

We were also joined by Nathan Suter who spoke of LNT's partnership with the Peace & Justice Center for Hairspray which features a post-show panel discussion on Sunday May 1 ("Tracy Turnblad's bold anti-racist actions and what we can do in present day Vermont.")  and a Special Workhop on Wednesday May 4 at 7pm in the theater's lobby: Why Does Tracy Turnblad Care about Racial Justice?

Missed it? - Watch it online Here

more fun shots from the morning:

out of costume tracy & edna, with alaina 

LNT's students Altan & Mars, starring in Hairspray get interviewd

about to learn the Payton Place After Midnight

Bill and Shawan about to do their thing as Wilbur & Edna