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LNT's Audience Speaks!

December 13, 2017

Heard from the Audience

Want to know what attending Lost Nation is like?
Want to know if it's worth getting Season Tickets?

Well here are some unsolicited reviews from audience and season ticket holders:

 • "LNT is a centerpiece of Montpelier, not to be missed!! We've been going for 25+ years and wouldn't miss a show! Great actors are attracted to this professional theater and the shows that they perform are unique, edgy, contemporary & classic! It is theater at its best!  - Lauren Parker (subscriber)


 • "Go to Lost Nation Theater for an intimate - really, a nose-to-nose - experience with actors who bring depth and professionalism to the local theater in Montpelier. 
We grew up with NY Broadway in our backyards; these shows provide the same caliber, the same depth of understanding, and the same ability to connect with new ideas and perspectives as any theater performance we have ever been to.
We have never been disappointed - we now get season tickets and we don't miss a show. Put it on the list of "must see's!" -
Connie Van Eegan  (subscriber)

 •  This is the Best Ever! - Carly Mitchell (on 80 Days)

"How lucky we are to have Lost Nation Theater in our midst. This theater rivals shows I see in New York City, at a fraction the cost, and with a good old local feeling. I love Lost Nation, and I always expect their shows to be first rate. And yet, admittedly, nonetheless, I am always pleasantly surprised by just how fabulous it really is". - Ruth Einstein

"Absolutely Fantastic! GO!"  - Cecile Johnson.    • "Exceptional!"  - Sandy McCall 

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