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LNT's 'All Together Now' in Pictures

November 19, 2021

Telling the Tale of our  All Together Now!  production in photographs by Wayne Fawbush.

Our deepest thanks to the wonderful Wayne Fawbush for coming in to our dress rehearsal and capturing these moments.
All the photos on this page are courtesy of Wayne. 

please do not use these photos without express written permission. thanks!

All Together Now was directed by Kathleen Keenan.
Musical Director: Patrick Wickliffe.  Choreography: Katie Shults
Scenic Design: Kim Bent.  Lighting Design: Samuel J Bionolillo.  Costume Design: Cora Fauser.
Stage Manager: Katelyn Paddock.  Sound Engineer: Andrew Vachon.  ASM: Marissa 'Mars' Mattogno.  Follow-spot: Jason Perez

Featuring: AnnaMaria DiPietropaolo, Léonie Fournier, Jessica Goodlin, William Pelton, David Ruffin, Katie Shults, and Shanda Williams.
The Band:  Marie DiCocco and Patrick Wickliffe

the full cast of All Together Now at Lost Nation Theater - final songThe full company of All Together Now singing the finale: "Seasons of Love" from Rent

a moment from Seize the Day where actor/dancers unite in circle wearing newscaps and vestsan action shot from "Seize the Day" from Newsies!

from "Take A Chance on Me" AnnaMaria channels her inner-Abba while dancing on a table topAnnaMaria channels her inner Abba and Disco Queen in this intro moment to "Take A Chance on Me" from Mamma Mia>
Katie and Jessica are her pals and "back up dancers"!

Shanda gets her Mary Poppins on as she starts off "Supercal... "(not going to try to spell the rest)

Supercal from Mary Poppins dance sequencand now the full company joins the action in "Supercal..." from Mary Poppins.

artistic director Kim Bent intros the last two numbers while 3 dancers remain on stage surrounding himArtistic Director Kim Bent comes out to say thank you and introduce the last two numbers as dancers AnnaMaria, Katie, & Léonie listen


musical director Patrick Wickliffe at the keyboard accompanying a ballad Musical Director Patrick Wickliffe in action

 aaccordian player Marie DiCocco in actionAccordion player Marie DiCocco in action

Bill Pelton and Leonie Fournie cuddle during Children Will ListenWilliam Pelton and Leonie Fournier perform "Children Will Listen" from Into the Woods

Beautiful City introbeautiful city mid danceThese two photos are of the penultimate number "Beautiful City" (from Godspell) sung & performed by David with AnnaMaria, Katie, and Léonie dancing

Shanda working the crowd in her welcome!

Léonie (our youth representative!) breaks it down with dance

Seize the day from Newsie, 4 actor-dancers - in diamond shape lunge forward on left leg and have right hand raised straight overhead"Seize the Day!"  The Newsies are getting ready to Strike!

Jessica in black dress with swirls and blue shawl, hands to her chest promises herself to be astoinshingJessica pledges to be Astonishing while singing "Astonishing" from Little Women.


Katie in "You Could Drive a Person Crazy" from Company
Boas are always fun, even if they leave a trail feathers everywhere!


David sings plaintively leaning up against a backdropDavid sings the haunting and plaintive "Cafe Song" (aka "Empty Chairs & Empty Tables') from Les Mis


Bill Pelton in button down blue shirt speaks to audienceBill (William) reflects on all we've been through together during the past two years with the audience 

Kathleen close up in blue top sings from RagtimeDirector Kathleen makes a special appearance to sing "Back to Before" from Ragtime.


AnnaMaria in blue/black sheer top with flowers dancesAnnaMaria gets her groove going during "Life is So Peculiar" from 5 Guys Names Moe


Katie standing in front makes the ASL sign for City, while David sings upstage of herAnother image from Godspell's "Beautiful City" with Katie and David


Shanda snaps her fingers to say there's nothing to it during Pure ImaginationShanda wants you to know "there's nothing to it" - changing the world that is, if you want to;
as she opens the show singing "Pure Imagination" from Willy Wonka.


 please do not use these photos without express written permission of LNT and Wayne Fawbush. thanks!