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LNT Adds Technical Theater Focus for Students

August 02, 2018

2018 is Lost Nation Theater's 11th year creating Theater FOR Kids BY Kids Productions!

And we are thrilled to be able to return to providing technical design theater training with our most advanced Intensive the two-week musical -theater production.
This year... SEUSSICAL! (Get more info here)

Led by scenic & lighting designer Ellen E Jones, students (a minimum age of 12) are mentored in all aspects of technical theater & design, but their primary focus is scenic and lighting.

Ellen E Jones has worked with LNT since 1995! A respected designer who has worked and taught in professional regional theaters and university across the country, Ellen has also literally written the book on "green" theater. (A Practical Guide to Greener Theatre: Introducing Sustainability Into Your Productions  Get the details here.)  We are so humbled and happy to have her back with us, to have her designing Seussical, and to have her mentoring these students.

Also working with the students to teach their specialties are our production stage manager Ashley Rose Zoglman, stage manager Chelsea D Taylor, costume intern (& Seussical designer) Megan Johnson, and sound designer AJ Bierschwal.  The technical students also observe rehearsals and share activities with the performance students. At the end of the two weeks, these students will serve as properties crew,  follow-spot operators, and other key backstage positions without which the show would not go on!

Check out this fun video of the student's first project!