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April 14, 2020

With "Hope - a thing with feathers  - Perched in our Soul" We Bring You This News


Dear Friends,

The COVID-19 pandemic has presented all of us with unimaginable challenges. 

After carefully weighing hard facts, best guesses, and expert advice, our Board has made the excruciating decision to postpone the opening of LNT’s season until October.
Unfortunately, this means losing almost our entire season, but we believe it is the only choice to make to keep our community safe.

Clearly, this is a challenging time for everyone. But if you have the resources to contribute in any way, we would be extremely grateful for whatever you can give.


To make up for this severe loss of revenue, we are putting out this critical emergency plea to raise $40,000 as soon as possible. We are thrilled to announce we’ve already raised $10,000.

Here are ways you can help:


  • Make a donation 

    (some companies will match!)

  • Mail a check to 39 Main St, City Hall, Montpelier VT 05602

  • Become a patron on our new Patreon page and get access to shows from our archive and other exclusive content

  • Buy gift certificates to redeem once we re-open

  • Spread the word on social media that you support LNT & that LNT needs support

  • Add a fundraiser for LNT on a personal Facebook post

If we do this together, we will be positioned to come back strong in the Fall, keep our small but mighty staff, and continue to hire incredible artists from Vermont and across the country to create the award-winning theater we are known for.

Our revised plan for 2020 reflects abundant caution to ensure everyone’s safety, but we feel it is also a hopeful vision for an eventual, joyful reunion in which disappointment will be swept away by relief and celebration.

We’ll re-start our 2020 Season with Ragtime, a musical seemingly tailor-made for the moment. Then, with the City of Montpelier’s blessing, we’ll leave our chamber theater in place to add a holiday show in November/December. 

The most important thing to do right now is stay strong, stay active, stay healthy, and stay in touch! If you have any other ways you’d like to help, please don’t hesitate to reach out.

Thank you for being a deeply valued member of our LNT family. 

Kathleen Keenan and Kim Bent, artistic directors


PS: Here’s a post you can personalize and share with your network: 

Lost Nation Theater  - our own professional theater - needs your support during this challenging time! Make a donation today at or become a Patron for access to exclusive content, including full length shows: