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Judevine Returns - in cast readings

April 10, 2020

Keepin' Connected While We're Apart
The Cast of 2017's Judevine by David Budbill Shares Favorite Sections of the Play


As producing artistic director Kathleen Keenan begged LNT founder Kim Bent to let her record him performing some Shakespeare  (she's a big fan of his "Chorus" from Henry V - "oh for a muse of fire..."), he demurred siting the likes of Patrick Stewart offering a sonnet a day.

But then he realized (to paraphrase The Wizard) - "We've got one thing they haven't got"

And that is Vermont stories.

So, thanks to the blessing of Nadine Budbill and Lois Eby here is where you can get your Vermont Stories Live Performance need fulfilled.
We hope it's a good prescription for keeping us connected during this period of "distancing" due to the Corona Virus.


Thanks to John Snell for the photos of our 2017 production on this page.
David Budbill's Judivine, 2017 production at Lost Nation Theater was directed by Kim Allen Bent
scenic design Donna Stafford, lighting design John Devlin, costume design Cora Fauser, stage management & props Laura Gist
starring Ben Ash, Sean Gregory, Ashley Nease, Robert Nuner, Abby Paige, Scott Renzoni, and Mark Roberts


We start with Abby Paige

And a bit from Renzo

And Now for Some "Doug" by Mark Roberts!
How fun is it that the all our actors - without consultation - decided to film their Budbill pieces outside - while it was snowing!


Sprinkle in a little Robert Nuner as Conrad!


And now a mini-celebration of Spring with Ashley Nease

For still more from LNT and the cast of Judevine, join LNT's Patreon page:
Q&A's, monologues, and archival recordings of full shows - including Judevine (coming end of may 2020).
All part of LNT's "Stay At Home" segment of the 2020 Season!
Our thanks to the estate of David Budbill for granting their permission.