Interviews with the My Mother's Three Mothers Cast

This is What the Cast Has to Say About My Mother's Three Mothers


Kim Ward
From the first time I heard this play in its workshop format, I loved it. This story is about love, loss, and figuring out how to reconcile the two inconsolable points of the reality of life: We can’t control our pasts or what happened to us, but we can choose to live in hope and trust in those we love now.  A truly remarkable play written by a Vermont playwright - which makes it a double joy.

Kim serves as movement consultant and production assistant

Sorsha Anderson

This beautifully written play is a compelling exploration of the ties that bind, when both jealously guarded and freely shared.

As in life, these characters must reconcile their deepest desires with the sometimes crossed purposes of the other players. Rather than disappointment, there is that delicious sense of perfection in our oh-so-imperfect human striving.

Sorsha plays Woman 1 - Chorus, Kate, Child Kate, Nurse

Kim Bent

A good story well told is never just entertainment. It’s good medicine for whatever ails us. We may not even be aware we need healing, but a good story shines light on that, too. Erin GalliganB aldwin’s “My Mother’s Three Mothers” inspires us to get busy and pay attention to the fact that we’re all making it up as we go along––so, it’s important to make our life story a good one!

Kim plays Man 2 - Chorus, Charlie, Patrick

Alexa Kartschoke

Something that really excites me about this play is the fact that it is an original world premiere and we all get to be a part of that. I think in the general theatre world, we do not give enough care to new playwrights and new works of theatre and I am so excited to be an actor contributing to a new work.
This play is also incredibly unique in format; it bends with time and theatrical conventions, as well as integrating a variety of performance techniques in the staging work. I have found a lot of freedom in the rehearsal process so far and I am so lucky to have that environment with this show.
This piece is incredibly though provoking and I always enjoy doing theatre that can answer questions for the audience but also pose them to think about when they leave. I think this is one of those pieces that people will be talking about for their entire drive home from the theater and it will stay in their minds for long afterwards. I am very excited to see peoples reactions to this play.

Alexa plays Woman 3 - Chorus, Frankie, Young Rita

Susan Palmer

I love being a part of an original production that involves the playwright in the room.  So often the playwright is an invisible collaborator and to have them present in the process and be able to build the story in the way that they envision is a kind of magic.  I am also excited about this show as a mother.  There is so much love in this story and a lot of pain.  So much about mothering involves a kind of letting go and this story explores this at its deepest core.  It is timely, compelling and moving. 

Susan plays Woman 2 - Chorus, Adult Rita, Jane

Eric Warwick

I am really excited to be a part of My Mothers Three Mothers. To work with Lost Nation Theater is an honor. This wonderful play lets us examine the past and present, allowing us to celebrate how far we’ve come, while also shining a light on what still needs improvement. Playing two characters that couldn’t be more different, has been an enticing challenge that has pushed me to grow as an actor.

Eric plays Man 1 - Chorus, Young Charlie, Zack


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