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Hairspray got off to a roaring start with a Welcome Party that introduced Hairspray to the Community and the Community to Hairspray.

April 05, 2016

Great Community Gathering.
Thank you to Christ Church for Hosting
and getting Hairspray off to a roaring start!

 picture of the sheetcake with poster art saying Welcome Hairspray

What a really great party. The buzz in the packed room was keen, warm, and humming with excitement. Conversation was constant, and the food was fabulously retro! Where was I? Christ Church. They were throwing a “Welcome Hairspray Party!” 

Introducing Hairspray to the Community and the Community to Hairspray

So all of us at Lost Nation Theater and especailly everyone involved in Hairspray, Isend a giant THANK YOU to Christ Church – particularly Maggie Thompson and Elizabeth Parker - for hosting a joyous party that Welcomed Hairspray to the Community and the Community to LNT’s Hairspray. 

Hairspray is the biggest show in LNT’s history. It not only involves Vermont pro’s and high school students, but a dozen artists from across the country are calling Montpelier home for the next 5 weeks.

   hitting the food table  Nyjal & Chris bond over cake

"Last evening's event made me feel so proud of our community!
Thank you for moving forward on all the issues raised in Hairspray to enrich our community... It's already making a difference (I was watching some of the young cast members... they'll never be the same..)
Thanks for all you're doing to make our town a better place!"
- LIz Snell


Another reason to celebrate? Hairspray, both hilarious and powerful, packs an important message into the punch, joy and sheer exhilaration of a Tony-Award-winning musical comedy.

Thanks to partnerships between LNT, Christ Church, Peace & Justice Center, Outright Vermont, and Vermont Works for Women, conversations & programs about racial justice, body image, transgender, tolerance and acceptance will all be part of the Hairspray project.(find out more about outreach activities here)

crowd at Welcome Party listens to Nancy Schultz of Outright Vermont 

Those conversations got started in a really fun way tonight! (I mean, door prizes of specially decorated cans of hairspray donated by Myles Court Barbershop, Fritos & onion dip? It couldn’t get better!)

decorated can of hairspray with Hairspray

"I thought it was a great event. I said to a few of the longtime supporters who were there how exciting it was that the theater was really re-embracing its mission of community engagement and last night was another great example.   Although we are taking several risks with the show, I'm very much feeling like it's the right time for our community and our theater. Exciting!" - Carolyn Wesley

So thank you to Christ Church for throwing a party to introduce the intergenerational, multiracial, multifaceted Hairspray to central Vermont. 

Read more about Hairspray Here
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Enjoy the fun photo of the decorations, by Stefan Hard, which appeared in Thu April 7 edition of The Times Argus

thru filter of table decorations, cast members mingle wiith community members at hairspray welcome party