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George Woodard Exhibits in LNT's Lobby Gallery

September 27, 2018

It's Called: The Roots of My Raising                


Photo Essay By George Woodard
George is known more as an actor-musician, film-maker and farmer more than he is a curator.
But when he came across all these photos, all the history, he knew they had to be put together in a collection.


George’s photo exhibit covers the 106-year history of the Woodard Family Farm in Waterbury Vermont, from the time George’s grandfather purchased it.  In the 1960’s George’s dad sold the cows and gave up farming and when it was time to figure out what he should do, George’s mom suggested he take up farming. That was 1973. In 1975, George, his two brothers, mom & dad shipped their first load of milk at the rejuvenated farm. 

This exhibit is George’s story of his appreciation for his ancestors, for this beautiful farm and for the ancestor who had a camera around and made folks get their picture taken. 
The text in the exhibit comes from the diaries of his ancestors.
The collection has previously been shown at Axel's Framing in Waterbury, VT and at the Hyde Park Library.

When asked why he put this retrospective together, George said, “Because the pictures are great and the stories are great – and it’s everybody’s story. Everybody’s lived that!”


Join us for a Pre-Show Talk with George: Sunday, October 14 at 1:15pm in the lobby Gallery


George Woodard is a dairy farmer, raconteur, actor-musician, and film-maker in Waterbury Vermont. He’s appeared with LNT in Woody Guthrie’s American Song, et al, and his most recent produced film is The Summer of Walter Hacks. He is currently finishing up a new film.


truck loaded & overflowing with hay - took George & brother Steve 20 minutes!

George's Grandpa Walter with his old horse Trixie

George's parents portrait upon engaggement