Fractured Fables: Pushing Up the Sky

Show Overview

It's Theater FOR Kids BY Kids

Fractured Fables: Pushing Up The Sky!

An annual production of storytelling by actors age 9 – 16 (in our Intermediate level theater camp) relating tales, myths, and legends!

Ensemble storytelling and physical theater campers create an original play - inspired by Aesop, Brothers Grimm, and other legends & myths -  or in this case Abenaki and other Native American legends - brought to you by our youth ensemble ages 9 & up.

It's fun for Everyone (all ages).

Our thanks to Joseph Bruchac for allowing educational use of his plays of Native American stories.
Our thanks to our Abenaki guest artists: Bryan Blanchette, Chief Shirly Hook, and to Circle of Courage for the Abenaki Dictionary.

This fun show is the culminating project of their one-week intensive, led by professional directors & designers including director Erin Galligan Baldwin.

From Page to Stage in just 1 week! 

Performance: Friday, July 1st @ 5:30pm!

All IN PERSON tickets just $5! ON DEMAND (Tickets $15) AVAILABLE THRU JULY 4TH

Production Team

Directed by Erin Galligan Baldwin

Asst. Director/Stage Manager: Avalon Dziak

Scenic Design: Claiborne H Coyle

Lighting Design: Jamien L Forrest

Props/Costumes: Avalon Dziak & Brandy Perez

Production Assistants: Emily Cook, Jaden Singer

Consultants: Bryan Blanchette, Brenda Gagne, Shirly Hook, Carol McGranahan


The Actors:

Eleanor Andersen, Lydia Bearsch, Emeline Brown. Lila Crowley. Isabella Estrada, Hazel Galligan-Baldwin. Madeleine Howard, Eden Kelly, Alexis Menard-O'Neil, Hadleigh Miller, Lucy Nelson, Julia Perez, Trinity Stearns, Rhys Verret, Evelyn Wagner


Scoop Info

Pushing Up The Sky will run approximately 35 minutes without intermission.

Masks are required to be properly worn (over nose and under chin) at all times while at LNT.


Directed & adapted by licensed theater practitioner Erin Galligan Baldwin, and performed by the aspiring pro’s, age 9 and up, the camp focuses on ensemble, improv, and character development, and the use of costume & set elements to tell the myths, legends and traditional stories of the Abenakis, Ojibways, and Snohomish, inspired by Joseph Bruchac’s collection, Pushing Up The Sky.
It’s Theater FOR Kids BY Kids!

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Fun for the Whole Family!

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