Fractured Fables: folk tales

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It's Theater FOR Kids BY Kids

Fractured Fables-AfricanFolk Tales: Anasi & the Twilight Tales

one show only: 5:30pm Friday, June 23rd, 2023

An annual production of storytelling by actors age 9 – 14 (in our Intermediate level theater camp) relating tales, myths, and legends!

Ensemble storytelling and physical theater campers create an original play - inspired by Aesop, Brothers Grimm, and other legends & myths -  or in this case African Folk Tales - brought to you by our youth ensemble ages 9 & up.

It's fun for Everyone (all ages).

Our Great Thanks to Jordan Mensah of Shiddaa Projects Inc for being our cultural/educational consultant AND for creating the Drum Music that is Part of Our Production!

This fun show is the culminating project of their one-week intensive, led by professional directors & designers including director Erin Galligan Baldwin.
Run time approximately 30 minutes

From Page to Stage in just 1 week! 

Jordan suggested source materials for folks tales from West Africa and his native Ghanna. Eleven playwriting students at U-32, guided by Erin Galligan Baldwin created stage adaptations of them, got Jordan's AOK and then added an introduction and surprise conclusion! 

Humor. Drumming, Dance. and Storytelling are all featured in this original show!

Performance: Friday, June 23 @ 5:30pm!

All IN PERSON tickets just $5! 

Production Team

Concept & Playwriting Coach: Erin Galligan Baldwin
Directors: Erin Galligan Baldwin & Alexa Kartschoke
Stage Manager & Assistant Director: Avalon Dziak
Cultural & Script Consultant & Drummer: Jordan Mensah

Scenic Environment - Kim A Bent
Lighting Design - Kelly Daigneault
Props Design - Avalon Dziak
Costume Design - Erin Galligan Baldwin & Jordan Mensah
Production Assistants - Tristan Blumenthal, Maya Elliot Emily Cook, Grace Moustaka

The Playwrights:
Allie Bennett, Lauren Bennett, Ava Davis, Ruby Dyson-Dias, Nadia Frazier, Ace LaFountain, Skylar Lapre, Ava LaRow, Violet Murphy, Ivy Post, Caleb Webster
the playwrights are all members of U-32's YES program in playwriting program, currently in grades 7-10

The Cast:
Eleanor Anderson, Lydia Bearsch, Sarah Bedford, Emeline Brown, Lila Crowley, Leila Flanagan, Hazel Galligan-Baldwin, Madeleine Howard, Elisheba Matrika Joseph, Simon Levin, Olivia Lora, Lucy Nelson, Mliki Padogi, Iris Palisson, Julia Perez, Sage Sadowsky, Joy Santana, Mercedes Schwarz, Gracelyn Smith, Otis Taylor, Henry Torres, Nyah West

the actors are ages, 9-14, currently in grades 3-8

Buzz Info

Fun for the Whole Family!

Masks are required to be properly worn (over nose and under chin) at all times while at LNT.

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