Fractured Fables: African Folk Tales

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It's Theater FOR Kids BY Kids

Fractured Fables-African Folk Tales 2024

one show only: 5:30pm Friday, August 9, 2024

An annual production of storytelling by actors age 9 – 145(in our Intermediate level theater camp) relating tales, myths, and legends!

Ensemble storytelling and physical theater campers create an original play - inspired by Aesop, Brothers Grimm, and other legends & myths -  or in this case African Folk Tales - brought to you by our youth ensemble ages 9 & up.

It's fun for Everyone (all ages).

Our Great Thanks to Jordan Mensah & Samuel Maama Marquaye of Shiddaa Projects Inc for being our cultural/educational consultant AND for creating the West African Drum Music & Dancing that is Part of Our Production!

This fun show is the culminating project of their one-week intensive, led by professional directors & designers including director Erin Galligan Baldwin.
Run time approximately 30 minutes

From Page to Stage in just 1 week! 

Jordan suggested source materials for folks tales from West Africa and his native Ghanna. Director/Playwright Erin Galligan Baldwin then fashioned this original play

Humor. Drumming, Dance. and Storytelling are all featured in this original show!

Performance: Friday, August 9 @ 5:30pm!

All IN PERSON tickets just $5! 

Production Team

Director & Playwright: Erin Galligan Baldwin 
Dancer/Drummer/Asst Director: Samuel Maama Marquaye
Cultural & Script Consultant: Jordan Mensah, of Shidaa Projects, Inc

the actors are ages, 9-14, currently in grades 3-9

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Fun for the Whole Family!


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