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Vermont Works for Women leads a pre-show conversation and activities - as suggested by Hairspray - to show you how to practice X-Ray Vision Sun April 24

April 20, 2016

Sunday April 24, Vermont Works for Women offers Pre-Show Discussion and Activities

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In Hairspray, a big girl, with big hair and an even bigger heart goes after her dreams despite the obstacles put in her path for being a plus-sized gal in a slim-obsessed society. How can you find that same kind of inner confidence and help to eliminate such obstacles?

Jen Roberts, Girls Program Director of Vermont Works for Women has a few Ideas for you!

How to Practice X-Ray Vision

How we look — our size, shape, face, body parts, clothes, shoes, makeup — gets a lot of attention in this world.  While it’s fine to care about our looks, research shows that girls do better when we focus more on our inner qualities than on our appearances. To help with this, Vermont Works for Women issues a challenge to all girls and staff at their camps to “Practice X-Ray Vision.”  

The discussion will also contain activies - and is appropriate for all ages and genders.

Sunday, April 24
1:15pm in Lost Nation Theater's Lobby
It's FREE!

questions/more info:
and visit Vermont Works for Women online