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Comedy is generating Howls of Laughter and Rave Reviews

June 05, 2019

"Get In.  Get the Laugh.  Get Out."

Audiences and Critics are rolling with Complete History of Comedy - Abridged

all photos on the page courtesy of Danielle Wirsansky.  
actors: G Richard Ames, Liz Davis, Dan Renkin
Directed by Kathleen Keenan. Design by Donna Stafford (set), Cora Fauser (costumes), Samuel Biondilillo (lighting) Stevie De (props)


We've had a terrific time creating this show and we've been cracking ourselves up in rehearsal.
But you don't have to take our word for it that it's funny.

Read on for Patron and Local Theater Critics reactions to the show!


"It's A Gas! I Can't Wait to See it Again!"  -  Kim Ward,  Vermont Playwrights Circle Newsletter

"It's Great! Don't Miss It!" - Lucinda McLoud (FaceBook)

"So. Much. Fun." - Sandra Erickson (FaceBook)

"Great Show!"  - Fusun Floyd (note sent with donation inspired by seeing Complete Comedy)

"Great Job! We enjoyed it very much!!" - Sharon Olsen (FaceBook)

"Lost Nation Theater's current production of "The Complete History of Comedy"  is both a fulsome frolic and a rich review of comedy in all its forms, with a minimal set and three maximal actors. It was a Friday night well spent. This show is fun, lightly educational, and a marvelous way to spend an evening in June. Make plans to catch it!!."  - Charlie McMeekin, The Herald

"Ridiculously Funny! Virtuosic acting. It sure was a Fun Evening. Delightful to watch!" - Jim Lowe, Times Argus.

Read Jim Lowe's full review here:


Get Tickets and more information here: Complete History of Comedy