Cabaret Course Intensive "In Theis Place A Cabaret Showcase" Playbill

Lost Nation Theater proudly presents
 it's "Youth Cabaret Intensive Course
  workshop presentation
   "In This Place: A Cabaret Showcase"
      Live! August 13, 2021


cabaret playbill


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LNT Sponsors

Capitol Copy, The City of Montpelier, Eternity, Montpelier Community Fund, National Life Group, Vermont Mutual, The World, Vermont Arts Council/NEA, State of Vermont, The Estate of Ted Richards, The Mary Shriver Fund of the Alan Weiss Estate

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Lost Nation Theater dedicates itself to staging stories about the hopeful possibilities of human interaction, to education, and realizing the powerful potential of theater to transform individuals and communities


Lost Nation Theater Staff

Kim Allen Bent & Kathleen Keenan - LNT Artistic Directors

Dona Bate - Accounts Manager

Robyn Osiecki - Technical Director

Lighting Supervisor - Samuel J. Biondolillo 

Assoc. Managing Director : Brandy Perez


LNT 2021 Board of Directors

Laurie Callahan, Earl Fechter, Jessica Goodlin, Mara Ivers, Shanda Williams, Christine Zahm, Michael Zahm