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Lost Nation Theater brings in first-class and friendly actors, directors, designers and technicians from around the country. Once here, they need a place to call Home!

January 26, 2016

<p><img title="Adopt an Artist- give them a home" src="adopt%20an%20artist%20housing%20ask.jpg" alt="friendly slightly frantic house holds up sign saying adopt an artist" width="600" height="360" /></p>
<h3>Think Fresh-Air Fund for Theater Folk! <br />And LNT Needs <em>You</em>!</h3>
<p>Okay, so we're mixing our campaign metaphors, but you get the point!</p>
<p>Lost Nation Theater, sometimes known as "the little theater that could", is also known for creating excellent theater &amp; education programs with the best in National and Vermont talent. &nbsp;<br /><strong>We <span style="text-decoration: underline;">can</span> do that because of You:</strong> Community Members who open their homes to our guest artists.<br /><em>What do you get in return?</em> Undying gratitude from LNT (and all the folk who see our shows), complimentary tickets, invitations to parties &amp; special events (and a tax deducation &nbsp;&ndash; to the extent allowable by law).</p>
<h4>Guest artists will be joining LNT anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. If you'd like to add a little spice and new experiences to your household, please be in touch with us. &nbsp;You can call the Theater (802-229-0492), or <a href="">Email us</a></h4>
<p><strong>The fact that people so generously donate housing to the theater is what makes it all possible.</strong> <br />And in 2016, Lost Nation Theater is bringing in a larger number of artists than ususal. &nbsp;Why? We've got a bucket-load of specialty roles in the season.</p>
<p><strong>We are particularly looking for homes for our upcoming production of <em>Hairspray</em>.</strong> <br />We need housing for guest actors, designers, and msucial &nbsp;director. The diversity and "triple-quadruple threat" talent the show demands, required LNT to look outside Vermont to fill half-a-dozen roles. &nbsp;<br />These artists will need a home from the end of March thru May 8. &nbsp;<br />Designers will be on hand for 2-4 weeks.</p>
<p><strong>&nbsp;</strong><em><strong>"Over the years we have hosted almost a dozen LNT actors. They all have brought us an inside look at theater&nbsp;and helped us understand the hard work and excitement&nbsp;that goes into every play. They're also very entertaining&nbsp;to have around, if you can catch them between rehearsals!" -</strong> Susan Ritz</em></p>
<p>Housing a guest artist for LNT just means providing a room/bed (a place to lay their head); and access to bathroom, kitchen facilities (laundry &amp; wi-fi if you have it). <br />&nbsp;- LNT doesn't ask host families to feed or provide meals for the artists. &nbsp;<br />Most of our guests will be without cars, so homes within walking distance are ideal. <br />LNT also tries to "match" personalities. And know that all aritsts have been vetted with references checked!&nbsp;</p>
<p>(If you can't help for <em>Hairspray</em>, but have room other times, all shows this season will have guest artists, so don't be shy!)</p>
<p>If you think you can help or want more information, please be in touch! Call us at 802-229-0492 or <a href="">Email</a>!</p>
<h3><strong><em>Your Theater Thanks You!</em></strong></h3>