Take the leap this leap year and audition for Lost Nation Theater's 2020 season!

LNT is seeking professionals and experienced aspiring performers for its 2020 Season!
These are general auditions with special focus on GRUFF-THE MUSICAL, and INTO THE BREECHES.

Email info@lostnationtheater.org to schedule your appointment for Saturday Jan 18!

All Auditions at Lost Nation Theater. (2nd floor Montpelier City Hall)


by appointment: Saturday January 18
(slots available from 1pm-3pm)

Email: info@lostnationtheater.org
Include "Audition" in the subject line, and be sure to include your best time frame, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

Please arrive a few minutes early to complete paperwork.

TBD Sunday January 19. (morning-early afternoon: GRUFF;  afternoon-late afternoon: Breeches)

Headshot & Resume
Two contrasting monologues
16-32 bars of song (a capella - and optional if not interested in Ragtime.)
entire audition presentation no longer than 2 total minutes
directors/casting directors may ask you for adjustments, cold reads and/or sings or additional material.


Need Directions? https://lostnationtheater.org/directions/

LNT seeks physical, verbally-facile ensemble-oriented actors for its mainstage shows. Ability to play musical instruments and Singing ability a plus - even for "straight" plays. Puppetry experience helpful for GRUFF.

Roles Available in all shows of LNT's 2020 Season except for "Le Filles De Quoi" and "Brilliant Traces". (Some roles pre-cast in Gruff & Into the Breeches shows).

Email info@lostnationtheater.org - put Audition in the subject line, and be sure to include your best time frame, and we'll do our best to accomodate you.

Management, Design, and Intern positions are also available.

Present at the auditions will be artistic directors Kim Allen Bent and Kathleen Keenan, and directors Christopher Scheer (Gruff) and Margo Whitcomb (Into The Breeches).


A regional theater, LNT naturally follows typical professional theater industry standards and adheres to AEA guidelines.
(LNT works with AEA actors through the Special Appearance Contract)
This means that rehearsal processes are intensive and concentrated periods of time. (In LNT's case 2-3 weeks prior to opening, with rehearsals 6 days a week for 6-8 hours per day.)
Depending on the role, any given actor may or may not be called to an entire rehearsal day. All actors are required at all rehearsals during production/tech week.

Actors start rehearsals off book.

Spring and Fall shows have flexibility (so typically rehearse Afternoons and Evenings during the week, and mornings and afternoons on weekends. Monday is typically the day off.)

Summer shows can have more constraints and sometimes need to rehearse mornings & afternoons.
Rehearsals are, for the most part, onstage at LNT, within City Hall Arts Center. at Lost Nation Theater.

Find out more about the proposed 2020 Season: https://lostnationtheater.org/the-2020-season


Casting Breakdown for Gruff!-An Eco Fairytale Musical at Lost Nation Theater

Synopsis: Gruff! is an epic, comedic, interactive reinvention of The Three Billy Goats Gruff that calls audiences to action in the fight against climate change. 
It takes place in a world that goats have transformed into a toxic junkyard. (Death is very common in this world because of the high levels of toxicity and radiation.)

A young goat named Gruf discovers the magically hidden Troll Valley - the only surviving oasis of natural plant and animal life left on Earth. Gruf eagerly tries to convince her fellow goats to join her on a quest to make the world green again, but her elders are bent on drilling for fuel in Troll Valley.
The fate of the world hangs in the balance

Note: the genders indicated next to each character represent their gender as written within the narrative.  Artists of all genders are being considered for this project.

Casting Breakdown for Into The Breeches

Taking place in 1942, "Breeches" is moving comedy about the singular way art and community reveal our boldest selves even in the darkest times.