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The Real Women of Silent Sky

April 12, 2018

The Harvard Observatory "Computers"
Annie Jump Cannon, Williamina Fleming, and Henrietta Leavitt
All Boundary-Shattering, Ground-Breaking Women Astronomers & Mathematicians


Although Playwright Lauren Gunderson added fictional characters to her play SILENT SKY - it is about real women, with real dreams, and real struggles to make their contributions to science, to our understanding of the world, and to the fight for equal rights. Gunderson imagined their interactions and friendship (based on research) and then imagined a couple of additional characters to help provide the context and other societal pressures that helped form them.

Meet the Women Who Made our Understanding of the Universe Possible:


Annie Jump Cannon:

 Read About Annie's Work Here


Williamina Fleming:

Fleming photographGet Williamina Fleming's Story


Henrietta Leavitt:

henrietta at work at Harvard ObservatoryHenrietta Leavitt Life & Law