Cabaret Cast & Crew

"Crazy as it sounds, one of the things that led us to Montpelier from New York is the fact that it has a professional theater company. We figured that a small town that supports a major cultural institution must be pretty special."

- Amy Willis

Who's Who

2016 Staff

Kim Bent, Founding Artistic Director
Kathleen Keenan, Producing Artistic Director
Laura Gist, Production/ Stage Manager
Melissa Troxler, Production Stage Manager
Thomas Gunn, Master Electrician/House Manager
Janine Woods Thoma, Technical Director
Dona Bate, Accounts

Volunteer Staff

Amanda Menard & Mitch Osiecki, Volunteer Coordinators
Hank Babcock, Technical Assistant
Pat Babcock, Pat & Charlie Keenan, Office & Marketing Assistants
Doug Grahn, Radial Marketing, Marketing Consultant
Wes Parker & Samuel Biondolillo, IT Consultants
Bennett Shapiro, & Mad Tech Sound, Audio Consultant
Donna Stafford, Scenic Artist
Lauren Kittridge, Custodial Services
Joanne Greenberg, Enrichment Programs

Current Board of Directors

Warren Kitzmiller, President
Rob Chapman, Treasurer
John Hopkins
Kathleen McDonald
Carolyn Wesley


Lauren Aradi
Dona Bate
Jeanne Cariatti
Linda Henzel
Lindsay Kurrle
Betty Lord
Eric Michaels
Anthony Otis
Stephen Pite
Ted Richards
John Russell
Liz Snell


Commitment to Community is fundamental to Lost Nation: The Theater with Heart in the Heart of Vermont.