Frequently Asked Questions

 About Camps

- Before attending camp you should make sure you have paid and filled out the registration form for your camper.
You should also look online and see if there is a summary or a movie version of the show you can watch with your child to give them a jump start on knowing what the play is about.

What time is camp?

- Our half day camps run from 9am to Noon

- Our full day camps run from 9am to 4pm (with the Musical Theater advanced camp running 9am-5pm).

*** Please note parents will be asked to stay for approx. 10 minutes the first day of camp to fill out paperwork ***

What does my child need to bring to camp?

- Your camper should bring indoor shoes, lunch, 2-3 healthy snacks, a notebook, a pencil, their script, and a good attitude.
- Additionally, it's good to dress in layers.

Who do I call if I need to contact my child during camp?

- If you need to contact your child during camp you can call the theater at (802) 229-0492 or the stage manager's direct line if provided by staff.

What should I know about the performance?

- Performances for the Intermediate camps take place at 5:30 on the last day of camp. On this day you should pack an extra meal for your child as they will not be allowed to leave between camp and the performance.

- Performances for the Intense camps take place as noted in the information sheet you receive at the beginning of camp.

- Performances take place at Lost Nation Theater, Montpelier City Hall Arts Center

- Into Camps do not have public performances, but they do have "Sharing Presentations" for family and friends to provide a performance experience, without the extra pressure. Sharing presentations are typically scheduled for the last 30-45 minutes of the camp's final day and are followed by a small party and awards ceremony.

Who is supervising my child?

- Each camp has 1-3 instructors in addition to the Lost Nation Theater staff.
All Lost Nation Theater staff is First Aid/CPR trained and certified,
Kathleen Keenan is the designated safety officer for LNT.

Does any previous theatrical experience have to have been with Lost Nation Theater?

- For camps requiring previous experience, it does not have to be with LNT.  Equivalent training from other programs or schools is sufficient.