Intermediate Camps

Intermediate Camps are one-week and full-day experiences.

Focuses range from comedy to combat to storytelling to dance-theater.
Designed based on age groups, starting at age 9, and experience level. Intermediate camps often have 1-2 public performances.

No Audition is required, but previous experience with LNT or other programs is necessary (a minimum ability to focus, follow direction and stamina).

Intermediate Camps occur during school’s Winter Recess, Spring Break and the Summer Vacation.

There is something for everyone! 

Please call the theater at (802) 229-0492 or Email for more information.
All Sales Final!
50% Non-refundable deposit required.
Balance Due two weeks prior to 1st day of workshop.
There are no refunds once classes begin.
Prior to start date, partial refunds may be available with cancellation in keeping with a time-sensitive sliding scale.

Some Scholarship Assistance may be available.

Camp Registration Form (complete when purchasing camp)

The Impossible Voyage: Dance-Theater Camp

Youth (Production) Camp-Dance-Theater: 
The Impossible Voyage
During Winter-Break 

Taryn adjusts actor during winter camp 2015

LNT Dance-Theater Performance Camp
for ages 9-17
M-F, Feb 25-Mar 1
plus Performances: Fri Mar 1 at 5:30pm and Sat Mar 2 at 11am

No Audition. Previous dance and gymnastic experience is helpful but not necessary.
This is our most demanding Intermediate Level Camp.

Contemporary dance requires you to bring the emotional life front & center.
Come away with new dance moves, increased capacity for self-expression, and storytelling skills.

This Camp is designed especially for returning students, but is welcoming and accessible to newer students.
The emphasis is on skill development and creativity in a supportive, professional environment, culminating in an original, public performance of The Impossible Voyage - inspired by the work of pioneering film-maker, illusionist, and "grandfather of science fiction" George Méliès - the inspiration of the 2011 blockbuster movie "Hugo".

Camp objectives include: 
Expand Potential and Awareness of Physical Self Storytelling Tools: improv, dramatic arc, plot-line, dynamics
Increase Expressive Potential Use of Props/Set Elements to more effectively tell story Embrace Collaboration

Noted actor-singer-dancer-choreographer Taryn Noelle (winner of the 2017 Vermont Arts Councils Governor’s Excellence Award in Arts Education.) will teach modern dance styles, physical improv, and theater games, with an emphasis on the shared skills and emotional availability required for theater & modern dance. 
Go “page-to-stage” in just one week

In addition to dance & acting, campers will learn about creating live sound effects & soundscapes to create the world of the play.
Extra challenging roles available for more experienced students.  Younger students, with experience, may apply to join this workshop via an interview with artistic directors.

Enrollment minimum: 8          Enrollment maximum: 18

Cost: $350 
(Early Bird Registration Discount - just $315 if purchased before 1/1/19)

Ensemble StoryTelling: Fractured Fables

2018 (Youth Production Camp): Fractured Fables
Ensemble & Physical Storytelling.
Starting off Summer-Break right!

9am - 4pm. for ages 9 - 16 
M-F, June 24-June 28;
(+ performance Fri June 28 at 5:30pm)
working on balance & teamwork
No Audition, But Designed for more experienced students. The focus is on applying new skills to a fully staged show, gaining polish, pizazz, and pals.
This Camp is designed especially for returning students, but is welcoming and accessible to newer students.
Learn the protocols of theater. This camp offers a professional rehearsal process that emphasizes outrageous characterizations and ensemble storytelling.  From page to stage in just one-week.

Camp objectives include:

Expanding Personal Expression and Storytelling tools: use of improv, dramatic arc, plot lines, collaboration, bold characters;

Increase Ensemble Collaboration and group storytelling abilities; Expand Acting Tools including projection, presence, taking direction, learning blocking & awareness of personal & stage space, and commitment;

how to use props  and costumes to build characters and propel the story.
Camp days alternate between acting exercises to develop skills, improve to flesh out plot points, and the staging the script.

Culminates in a fully staged & designed production of an original show created from Fables, Fairytales, Myths and/or legends from a variety of cultures - whether it be Aesop, Brothers Grimm or Native American -  and through improvisation.
Go from page to stage in one week.
Previous theater or dance experience needed. High levels of concentration, stamina, discipline and collaboration are required for success in this camp.

Enrollment minimum: 8          Enrollment maximum: 18

Cost: $350 ($315 before 4/15)