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Reboot -n- Recruit Volunteer Meeting

March 24, 2017

Sunday April 2,  at 5:30pm

Get the Inside Scoop on all the new volunteering opportunities available in 2017

ad for LNT's volunteer meeting- we're searching for volunteers with spyglass

Never Volunteered with LNT before?  We Want You!
Experienced Volunteer?  We Want You too!!


  • Mix, Mingle, Find out about what's happening at LNT in 2017.
  • Meet Volunteer Coordinators Amanda & Mitch, LNT's staff Laura & Thomas, and Artistic Directors Kathleen and Kim.
  • Enjoy Delicious Goodies.
  • There's lots of new news, practices, equipment, and opportunity at LNT this season and we want to get you up to speed, and give you a chance to see if you'd like to join us or try something new.
  • Volunteers are the life-blood of LNT - often its face and patrons first experience. You are our champions, and stakeholders!

Why this Reboot & Recruit meeting?
   - Welcome New volunteers into the Family  
   - Remind our veteran volunteers how much we appreciate them 
  -  Give Everyone the tools you need to embrace your ownership of LNT
  -  Raise awareness of all the ways you can volunteer, and all the opportunities to enrich interactions among ourselves and our patrons

Call us at 802-229-0492  or email  for more information or to RSVP - OR JUST COME!!