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NARNIA! Chronicle of the Dawn Treader

February 28, 2018

Taking Center Stage...
Lost Nation Theater proudly presents its Youth Theater Students in an original dance-theater adaptation of CS Lewis’ magical tales: NARNIA: Chronicles of the Dawn Treader
It’s Theater FOR Kids BY Kids! Fri & Sat, March 2 & 3 at City Hall Arts Center, downtown Montpelier.


“Courage Dear Hearts!” It’s fun for the whole family!


Original dance-theater created by director/choreographer Taryn Noelle translates the mystical, adventurous magic of CS Lewis’ stories to the stage, with Lost Nation Theater’s students for two shows only March 2 & 3. Lost Nation Theater’s NARNIA, as adapted by Taryn Noelle, focuses especially on "The Voyage of The Dawn Treader". 

The World of Narnia is brim filled with an endless supply of magic. Come join us as we endeavor to create magic out of thin air ... or rather out of athletic adagio acrobatics, contemporary modern dance, storytelling, original songs in addition to a great soundtrack, and fantastical minimalist design by LNT’s professional staff.

The show features 20 rising stars, age 9-17! These aspiring pro’s are performing on-stage and behind the scenes creating technical wizardry, making this performance truly “Theater FOR Kids, BY Kids”! It’s imaginative, inventive, inspiring and entertaining theater everyone, no matter what age, can enjoy!

LNT’s professional directing & design team leads the production. Narnia: The Chronicle of the Dawn Treader is the brainchild of quadruple talent Taryn Noelle. Ms. Noelle (an actor-dancer-choreograper-singer, who choreographed and starred in LNT’s Hairspray) was inspired to continue living in the land of CS Lewis after mounting a production of Lion, Witch & Wardrobe this fall for Stowe High School. After consulting with CS Lewis scholar Will Vaus, we chose to focus on the story of the Dawn Treader (the 3rd or 5th book in the series depending on how you approach your counting!) for the LNT original dance-theater FOR Kids BY Kids project 

The ensemble of Narnia: Chronicle of the Dawn Treader features several students working with Lost Nation Theater for the first time along those who are returning for their 3rd, 4th, or even 5th camp production with LNT.  

The ensemble of Ella Averbeck, Jade Brickey, Ijaeda Dube, Flora Eseban, Hazel Green, Amanda Gurley, Trubel Jeffries, Jacob Kaufman-Ilstrup, Bian Leon, Vida Leon, JoJo Michaelson, Brielle Morgan, Selah Northrup, Marcello Padgett, Gemma Pello, Evan Reichelt, Rebecca Rosenbaum, Liam Sirvent, Bria Sloane, and Maia Smith play human characters, animal characters, mystical characters and everything from ships, to water to snow to tell Lewis’ magical story.

They are supported in their quest by Lost Nation Theater’s crackerjack professional team of directors and designers. Ms. Noelle is assisted by AnnaMaria DiPietropaolo, original music is by Kathleen Keenan, and production design is handled by Laura Gist, Thomas Gunn, Kim Bent, and Ashley Rose Zoglman, assisted by Mary Dobbins, Hank Babcock and Gene Leon.  Camp photographer is Mike Furey.

With this crew and cast the show is guaranteed fun.

Just 2 shows! 5:30pm Friday March 2 & 11am Saturday March 3. The performance runs a little over an hour without an intermission. The show is recommended for age 4 & up. 

All Tickets are just $5 (including toddlers).
It all happens Fri & Sat, July 10 & 11 at Lost Nation Theater – 2nd Floor, City Hall.

Tickets may be available at the door! (1 hour before curtain). We recommend getting tickets in advance!
Call (802-229-0492) or Click Here! Or get tickets at the City Clerk’s Office on the first floor of Montpelier City Hall. 

For tickets & information: call 802-229-0492, or visit

"Let us go on and take the adventures that shall fall to us" – CS Lewis. Come Join Us!


Sponsored by Capitol Copy, City of Montpelier, Eternity, National Life Group, The Times Argus, The Point-FM, WDEV, Great Eastern Radio and The World. LNT’s Youth Programs receive special support from The Mary Shriver Memorial Fund of the Alan Weiss Estate, Vermont Mutual Insurance Co., and Montpelier’s Tax Payers