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by Howard Frank Mosher
Adapted for the stage by Kim Allen Bent

LNT Brings Another Vermont Story to Life. “Rollicking, Boisterous, Highly Entertaining” - Harper’s Magazine. 
A teen (“Wild Bill”) & his larger-than-life father (“Quebec Bill”) set out to save the family farm by running Canadian whiskey in Prohibition Era Vermont. On an epic journey through the wilderness, Bill and his father encounter a cast of wild characters—and live out magical escapades as they carve their way into legend..

A MainStage Production

Scoop Info

This is the first time one of Howard Frank Mosher's novels is being "translated" for the stage.
We are honored and humbled by the trust Mosher's family has shown in LNT allowing us to do it.

Disappearances, Mosher's first published novel, was written in 1977 - the year that Kim Allen Bent founded Lost Nation Theater.
Seems like a sign, doesn't it?

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