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Audience Response to Twelfth Night

July 13, 2018

What a Show!
With Just A Single Preview Performance
LNT's Twelfth Night is Already Generating Big Responses!


The unofficial word from Theater Critic and Arts Editor Jim Lowe (review isn't out yet, but he told us on his way out) "Good Show! Congratulations!"


And here are some of the responses already flooding social media
plus some fun photos of the show courtesy of Mike Furey.


♥ "Twelfth Night at Lost Nation Theater:
I laughed.... and laughed. What a wonderful performance! Amazing that after centuries these words, this play can be brought to life and be so very entertaining. The actors were well cast —parodies of parts of ourselves — blind love, the pot stirrer, the fool, the ingenue. Watching Shakespeare is a celebration of language. Go enjoy the feast. Bathe in the repartee. This trip to Illyria is well worth the price of admission" - Elizabeth Parker, front porch forum


Enjoyed the show very much - everyone should see! - Jeannette Quinn, facebook


Saw the preview this evening with Mom. If you can, go see this... terrific cast, fun script, music, laughs. And out before ten! What's not to love?  Bridget Edwards, facebook


♥ Great show - saw it last night! - Maggie York, facebook



Directed by Amanda Rafuse; scenic design by Ellen E Jones, costumes by Charis Churchill, lighting by James McNamara; stage management by Ashley Rose Zoglman, Chelsea D Taylor & AJ Bierschwal


Laura Michele Erle, Kate Kenney, Damian Leverett, Robert Nuner, Christopher Scheer, Molly Walsh, Nick Wheeler, Courtney Wood