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Arthur Zorn goes Into LNT's Gallery for Into the Woods

May 25, 2017

Visual Artist, Painter and Musician Arthur Zorn is Back at Lost Nation Theater:
in the Lobby Gallery June 1-18

Zorn's paintings on exhibit for the production of Into the Woods were inspired by the opening words of the play "Once Upon a Time".  Each painting an imagination of a forest some place, some time, some adventure.  

“I engage the canvas, board or any availed surface as the receiver of my emotions. The paint, chalk or charcoal becomes my life’s experiences, passions, feelings, joy, sufferings, guilt, angers, grief, and or loves The art is a manifestation of (my)self. ” – Art Zorn

A native of the Bronx, New York City, Art attended the Manhattan School of Music and the High School of Music and Art. He’s enjoyed a long career as a educator, choir director, organist, soloist and composer. His professional art career began in 2004. His art work is in public and private collections in Vermont, Connecticut, New York City, Florida and in California. All of the work in this exhibit is new.

Enjoy this glimpse into Arthur's Installation:

Art Zorn - blue sky with flowering yellow & green tree tops

atmospheric, impressionist green trees with mauve flowers/leaves

start of sunset, blue sky over green bull-bloom fluffy maple-like trees