Sandy Says Post-"Poe-ne" the Poe Spooktacular

[flickr id="5102719191" thumbnail="thumbnail" overlay="true" size="medium" group="" align="none"] Due to the weather, and much discussion whether to poe-ceed or post-"poe"ne, Lost Nation Theater has decided to post-poe-ne the Poe Spooktacular Halloween. [flickr id="8135792542" thumbnail="small" overlay="true" size="medium" group="" align="none"] Because many of the performers…

LYDDIE: Opening Night Has Arrived!

After a nearly full preview last night that ended with tears, laughter and a grand standing ovation from the crowd, this production, years in the making, opens tonight!

The World Premiere of Katherine Paterson's LYDDIE

[flickr id="6815561562" thumbnail="medium" overlay="true" size="medium" group="" align="left"] The opening night GALA begins tonight at 6:45PM, and it has been sold…

Winterfest 2011 is Here!

The Holidays are Over, but the Festival is Just Beginning! To Start off the New Year, Lost Nation Theater presents 4 different shows over 4 weekends Showcasing some of Vermont's (other) finest performing artists and groups.
And the Building is Still Vibrating from…

Everyone Can Dance

And Does  - with Big APE! Thu-Sun, Jan 27-30

Celebrate the joy of movement and the dazzling capabilities of the human body with Everyone Can Dance

[flickr pid="5333211222" size="small"] Winterfest! kicks its heels off, and up, with the Central Vermont…

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