Gov. Shumlin Proclaims 2013- The Year of Lost Nation Theater

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Governor Peter Shumlin creates Executive Order Proclaiming 2013 "The Year of Lost Nation Theater in Vermont".


April 30, 2013 was a big day for Lost Nation Theater. A big day in a big year!

  At 4:15pm on that Tuesday afternoon, a larger group gathered at o…

Everyone Can Dance

And Does  - with Big APE! Thu-Sun, Jan 27-30

Celebrate the joy of movement and the dazzling capabilities of the human body with Everyone Can Dance

[flickr pid="5333211222" size="small"] Winterfest! kicks its heels off, and up, with the Central Vermont…

It's all FALLING into Place!

The Poe Spooktacular on Halloween weekend was Spectacular! Many thanks to everyone for another successful fundraiser. We're already looking forward to 2011, which will be our 15th annual Spooktacular. [flickr pid="5134138858" size="small"] COMING NEXT: IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE -…

Poe Spooktacular Variety Show Details!

[flickr pid="5102719191" size="small"] It's Ba-a-ck! "Edgar Allan Poe Spooktacular!" Lost Nation Theater on Saturday, October 30 Celebrate Halloween with Lost Nation Theater's gleefully ghoulish Edgar Allan Poe Spooktacular Variety Show!…

Down the Rabbit Hole: Backstage for Alice in Wonderland

The Theater FOR Kids BY Kids 2 Week Musical Theater Camp is well under way. The show is cast; they are rehearsing. Choreography is coming and the costumes have been through a first fitting. Enjoy the campy fun of Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Jr. at Lost Nation Theater!

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(Costume Designer,…

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