Kate, The Unexamined Life

Show Overview

Kate, The Unexamined Life by Rick Foster

“Janis Stephens doesn’t just Play Katharine Hepburn, she IS the indomitable star” – Davis Enterprise

Janis Stevens (Vivian, Year of Magical Thinking) returns to LNT in a new show written especially for her.
Playwright Foster uncannily captures Katharine Hepburn’s voice and Stevens brings the star –and her secrets – vividly to life.

The play takes place on New Year’s Eve 1999, and Hepburn reflects on her life and her loves as she ponders, at age 92, what the future holds. Filled with fond memories, while also delving into uncharted emotional waters, audiences experience a side of Hepburn they, perhaps, have never seen.

Production Team

written by Rick Foster

Directed by Peter Sander
starring Janis Stevens as Katharine Hepburn

Lighting Design: Thomas Gunn
Scenic Design by: Kim Allen Bent
Costume Designer: Gail Russell
Sound Design: Peter Sander and William Myers

Scoop Info

Kate - The Unexamined Life was written by Rick Foster especially for Janis Stevens and its original production was with the Sacramento Theatre Company in 2014.

Janis returns to LNT after 5 years - celebrating her 10th Anniversary of collaborating with Kim, Kathleen and Lost Nation Theater.
Fittingly with "KATE" - as her first show with us was Rick Foster's Vivian (about Vivian Leigh), which was also directed by Peter Sanders. 
We are all excited for the reunion!

Buzz Info

Playwright Rick Foster on Janis Stevens:

“Janis is a great actor with the charisma needed to carry a one-person show. The wide range of emotions she has at her command allows her to create, and make believable, characters of great complexity,” he said. “And she brings a ferocious work ethic to rehearsals through the whole of the production. That’s why I keep coming back to her.”

Media Info

Janis Stevens as Katharine Hepburn: 
Janis Stevens as Katharine Hepburn


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