The Raven

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A little of the Poe Spooktacular returns to Lost Nation Theater:
Kim Bent Reads "The Raven"
NEW DATE: Thursday, October 15.


Lost Nation Theater’s founder and artistic director Kim Allen Bent, takes the stage – a top the Montpelier City Hall Portico (or front porch balcony) to perform – Live and in person -  Edgar Allan Poe’s haunting poem “The Raven.”  The lack of moonlight, holocaust cloak costume and minimal lighting will all add to the spooky atmosphere and expressive recitation.

Yes, Kim will be actually perched above City Hall's entry doors to read this classic poem.

Date Switched to Thursday Oct 15 due to weather - including heavy rains projected.

The Raven is a poem Kim has been performing for about 20 years as part of our Edgar Allan Poe Spooktacular Halloween celebration.
Since LNT isn't able to offer the Spooktacular this year due to the pandemic, Kim seized upon this chance to perform it for you in 2020!

The Raven is part of the festivities for Montpelier Alive’s Montpelier Madness celebration.
Let your spine tingle watching Kim Bent’s thrilling performance, which will run approximately 10 minutes, then shop downtown for some great deals.

Audiences are asked to remembers and adhere to social distancing protocols, wear masks at all times, and have a great time! 

This is a free event, tho' donations will be gratefully accepted.

Special shout out to Andrew Vachon for engineering the sound reinforcement to make sure Kim will be heard!

Friday October 16  Thursday October 15 - on the hour, after the clock strikes 6pm / 7pm /8pm.


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Kim has this to say:

"Having had the annual opportunity to read Poe’s “The Raven” for many years at LNT’s “Edgar Allan Poe Spooktacular”, I’ve come to understand the poem as a portrayal of a tortured soul’s crisis of faith. But, whether one be untroubled atheist or unshakeable devout, it seems to me this poem is a journey that challenges all who take it to open their hearts to both the seductive allure and horrifying terror of the absolute void that exists somewhere just beyond the bottomless abyss. In any case, all I know is that every time I get to perform it, I feel somehow transported by the experience, and at the same time, relieved to have survived it. If the audience goes along with me, hopefully they too will feel they have gone somewhere and are grateful to be back."

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