Stage Management Seminar with Laura Krouch

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the Secrets of Stage Management from one of the best in the business:
Laura Krouch

Online. Once a Week. Beginning Thursday, October 22, 2020

7-8:30pm. (Eastern) All 4 sessions are included.

AEA Member Laura Krouch is one of the best stage managers we at LNT have ever worked with - and if you know ANY of our SMs over the past 30+ years, you know that's saying a lot.

Laura's experience ranges from tiny professional theaters like ours to Broadway to tours, and she also has her Masters in Stage Management.
You name it, she's probably done it and she is happy to share her experience with you.

The seminar will take you from pre-show through to post show.
Get the nuts and bolts, as well as "intangibles" that it takes to successfully stage manage to ensure the best possible experience and outcomes for the individuals involved and the production (or season) as a whole.

You'll get lots of handouts, stories, and opportunities to ask questions as well as great information and advice.
Because of her breadth of experience, Laura will be able to warn you about those things you never even think to think about. 
Laura was with LNT in 2011, and in addition to guiding us through 5 mainstage shows and 2 youth shows, she helped us navigate the effects of a major flood and a hurricane.
(So of course, yes, it affected all our storage!! So many shoes and props strewn across the parking lot for drying and sanitizing!)


This seminar is designed to accomodate a wide-range of existing experience levels, but a serious desire to learn is a pre-requisite!


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About Laura Krouch:

Over the years, Laura’s traveling boots have taken her to all but three states in the U.S. and across an ocean.  Some adventures include: Ajijaak on Turtle Island (Ibex Puppetry @ New Victory Theater on 42nd Street), In the Heights (John w. Engeman Theatre) , Jesus Christ Superstar (Bristol Riverside Theatre), and the national tour of John Tartaglia’s ImaginOcean (Gables Grove Productions).  She is the ongoing Production Stage Manager for Timber Lake Playhouse where she leads six to seven shows a season (May-August).   Laura was with LNT in 2011 as production stage manager and props specialist.

Buzz Info

One of Laura's favorite sayings:

"I am not allowed to answer e-mails hungry."

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